fling away

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w>fling away

vt sepwegwerfen, wegschmeißen (inf); (fig) moneyvergeuden, verschwenden
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If you choose to fling away eight thousand a year, which you may have for the asking, you may do it: but by Jove you take your pack and walk out of this house, sir.
And Saxon, back in her own kitchen and preparing supper for Billy, wondered what lusts and rapacities had led the old, burnt-faced woman from the big Peruvian ranch, through all the world, to West Oakland and Barry Higgins Old Barry was not the sort who would fling away his share of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, much less ever attain to such opulence.
I never knew till now, the worth of a woman's heart, which boys so lightly win, and lightly fling away. Trust me, dear young lady, that I never until now did know your worth; and though an abhorrence of deceit and falsehood has impelled me to seek you out, and would have done so had you been the poorest and least gifted of your sex, I should have lacked the fortitude to sustain this interview could I have pictured you to my imagination as you really are.'
This target is designed to handle fieldpoints and broadheads as well, offers up easy arrow removal, and with its six-sided shooting allows you to fling away for years without worrying about blowing it out.
Let's now savour a Dhora [a poetic structure comprising two to four lines]: 'All this is strolling of the sea, neither any shore nor any dinghy / Into the waters of oneness, fling away this very entity / Cease the moment forget all else, all that bygone history / The future and past abandon, Sachal ask for frenzy'.
The court heard that one of the team saw Saunders fling away the loaded gun, with one round in the chamber and a full magazine.
Plus, it is as well, but a rotten tomato fling away from townships in Pennsylvania too.
Fling away the paint charts, ditch dithering over bafflinglynamed colours and embrace the future - it's red wine and copper-coloured.