flip off

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w>flip off

vt sepwegschnipsen; top, catchaufklappen
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Morissey explained that the second part of "Breaking Dawn" will either kick off with Bella running through the forest, or waking up and doing a back flip off the table.
Flip off the light to night flight and rain magnifies the apparent brightness of the ALS promoting an illusion of a runway closer than it really is, increasing the risk of touching down short of the runway.
The pages should flip off your thumb one at a time.
But one day Abby swings so high that her sandals flip off her feet and join a flock of shoes to fly south.
Abby loves her pink-and-brown sandals and wears them everywhere until one day they flip off her feet and head south for the winter.
Others will want to flip off corporations, politicians, or celebrities.
I was flirting with this guy while he was trying to teach me how to do a flip off the diving board.
Flip off the cap and the drink explodes fresh and fizzy and so pale it could almost be called Perrier Vale.
After a fast, first-round defeat, Sullivan took the lead within 15 seconds of the second round with a pin fall from a flip off the ropes.