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1. The movement or sound of repeated flapping.
2. A reversal, as of a stand or position: a foreign policy flip-flop.
3. A backless, often foam rubber sandal held to the foot at the big toe by means of a thong.
4. A backward somersault or handspring.
5. An electronic circuit or mechanical device capable of assuming either of two stable states, especially a computer circuit used to store a single bit of information.
v. flip-flopped, flip-flop·ping, flip-flops
1. To move back and forth between two conditions or circumstances, sometimes repeatedly: "The weather has flip-flopped between sweltering heat and violent storms" (New York Times).
2. To reverse a stand or position: "With the board having flip-flopped over zoning issues in the last several years, residents are looking to this fall's election for clarity" (Eugene L. Meyer).
3. To execute a backward somersault or handspring.
To move from one position to the reverse or opposite: The coach flip-flopped the linemen.

flip′-flop′per n.
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informal US a person who makes a complete change of policy, opinion, etc
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The flip-flopper now vows Britain will leave Europe deal or no deal on Halloween - just to woo the Tory selectorate.
Dr Roselyne Akombe (who resigned as commissioner), evidently Chebukati's closest ally at the IEBC, once described her boss as a weak leader, indecisive, cornered by colleagues and a flip-flopper. Even in a pedestrian's eye, Chebukati's actions betrayed a person in haste to overstep his mandate to side-sweep aside the protocol.
Now that he's executive director of the Wisconsin Conservative Energy Forum a group formed last year to argue for the economic benefits of renewable energy an observer with a critical eye might accuse him of being a flip-flopper.
Famous podcast personality and author Todd Henry says: 'One of the more concerning dynamics of the 'everything-is-on-the-record-all-the-time' world is that changing your mind-especially in a highly public way-has now become SIN NUMBER ONE.' If a politician or business leader evolves in their understanding of a topic, we call them a flip-flopper. But, if someone alters their once-fierce perspective in light of newfound information, we call them a hypocrite or a traitor.
The Flip-Flopper You've got lots of interests and passions, tons of things you want to accomplish.
Still, Hayes insisted the GOP needed a genuine conservative like Rubio to rescue the party from Trump. He read a list of embarrassing Trump tweets to prove he was a flip-flopper.
In America, you don't want to be known as a flip-flopper.
When a game showcases our behavior in front of peers, we may be less likely to abandon that behavior once the game is over, lest we be seen as a flip-flopper."
Chapter 5 focuses on the semiotic processes by which a candidate is identified as a "flip-flopper" (p.
Digging through archival data from the last several years, they confirmed that the source is a flip-flopper.
If confirmed, Mary Io White would be a serial "flip-flopper." Even Judd Gregg now has his bread buttered by Goldman Sachs.