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1. Given to flirting.
2. Full of playful allure: a flirtatious glance.

flir·ta′tious·ly adv.
flir·ta′tious·ness n.
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Adv.1.flirtatiously - in a flirtatious manner; "she smiled coquettishly"
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cilve yaparak


(fləːt) verb
(often with with) to behave (towards someone) as though one were in love but without serious intentions. She flirts with every man she meets.
a person, especially a woman, who behaves in this way.
flirˈtation noun
act of flirting.
flirˈtatious (-ʃəs) adjective
flirˈtatiously adverb
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The fashion pages teach readers (who are still in primary school, remember) how to dress flirtatiously, get ready for that all-important first date and get "the look of love".
Woman (flirtatiously): "I can't believe your modesty."
"Although they dress flirtatiously they are male in their outlook, physically intimidating and laddish.
Following Hayley Mills' restrained, stiff-upper-lippy pert Osmond lends her widow-mother rather more open emotionality -- she's by turns droll, indignant, prim, sly, loyal and flirtatiously flustered.
His US counterpart flirtatiously hit back: "If Jack's comment about the rugby with commercials is printed, I will promise to get him protection at the stadium."
Nick flirtatiously put his hands on her hips as they left for dinner with close pals.
Incongruous sight of the lumbering writer in the Wild West, where he flirtatiously lectures bare-chested young miners on Socratic ideals, is a marvelous introduction to Fry's sardonic but sad portrait.
The latest of a long line of snaps capturing Naomi in romantic clinches with eligible men shows her giggling flirtatiously at a Saudi multi-millionaire, Mohammed "Max" Al Habtoor.
At one point he flirtatiously sidles up behind the former Dynasty star and puts his arms around her waist to tie her apron.
Iman, the breath-taking wife of rock star David Bowie, is giggling flirtatiously.
At one point the fiery Scot flirtatiously sidles up behind the former Dynasty star and put his arms around her waist to tie up her apron.
"It depends what mood I'm in," says Kelle flirtatiously. "Sometimes I don't wear anything.