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1. Given to flirting.
2. Full of playful allure: a flirtatious glance.

flir·ta′tious·ly adv.
flir·ta′tious·ness n.
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Adv.1.flirtatiously - in a flirtatious manner; "she smiled coquettishly"
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(fləːt) verb
(often with with) to behave (towards someone) as though one were in love but without serious intentions. She flirts with every man she meets.
a person, especially a woman, who behaves in this way.
flirˈtation noun
act of flirting.
flirˈtatious (-ʃəs) adjective
flirˈtatiously adverb
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In December, he spoke to me flirtatiously when he spoke loudly and bluntly before colleagues about my figure and beauty.
However, she decides to drown her sorrows instead and flirtatiously asks handyman Phil for a drink.
We then see BJ, dressed in a low-cut black dress, boots and gloves, outside the Casa, chatting flirtatiously with male passers-by and posing in the dark doorframe.
The pair decide to go on a date, and we see them excited, getting dressed, flirtatiously saying hello.
According to the suits, CEO Lenard Liberman took a personal interest in the shows, pushing the women to behave sexually and flirtatiously on camera, including rubbing their breasts on audience members.
James' controversial trilogy, the trailer preludes with Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) and Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) taking their relationship to the next level with 'darker' lovemaking scenes, one of which was when Grey flirtatiously strokes Steele's leg inside a cramped elevator.
The demon's deep, sonorous voice, by turns flirtatiously amusing and outrageously evil, could only be provided by a few people so all credit to the production for securing Sir Ian McKellen.
Almost cinematic in its conception, the line of kaftan dresses, embroidered fitted dresses, brocade pants, tassel skirts and delicately embroidered gowns conveyed an instinctive understanding of the female form as the ensembles highlighted features and flirtatiously concealed others.
Despite some cosmetic enhancements, the new Herbie exudes all of the same charm: squirting oil at Trip, winking flirtatiously at a female car and bouncing up and down excitedly on his new shock absorbers.
It's hard to imagine Anastasia Steele would be quite so charmed by Mr Grey if she could hear him cracking Carry On-style innuendos to himself while she's flirtatiously biting her lip at him.
Clark of the University of California, Riverside, who has analyzed how male hummingbirds make their tails whine and whir as they flirtatiously dive-bomb females.