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I scarcely think the notion that flittered across my brain was an error.
When Wells Fargo closes customers' accounts, it doesn't always mean money stops going out, which can leave customers with hefty overdraft charges, The New York Times' Emily Flitter reports.
Californians are suspended in wonder as a surreal horde of painted lady butterflies flitter across the state.
From left: Frisch's Big Boy CEO Jason Vaughn and VP Bob Flitter presented Inspector General Ed Hartman with $42,000 raised by Frisch's annual charity golf outing in Fairfield, Ohio.
Gateshead Council workers Lisa Foster and Mark Flitter Chris Booth
Gateshead council workers Lisa Foster and Mark Flitter remove graffiti from the High Level Bridge between Newcastle and Gateshead
In several of the works, Hilal Naqvi's verses flitter in turquoise, silver or red.
Getting married also decreased the will to flitter like a butterfly across the continents.
Home aquarium: Stress can melt away watching underwater life flick and flitter through the aquarium.
globe moments when lovers fall like the flitter inside those domes, like
So it is that now when I see a sharp-shinned hawk sliding sideways through oak branches at supersonic speed in pursuit of a flitter of waxwings, my brother Kevin sees that, too, even though the prevailing theory is that he is dead.
This year's display takes the theme of Festive Flight Attendant, which will see The Wonderworks transport The Marlowes back to a more traditional Christmas with animated reindeer characters and large oversized props to support the theme topped off with artifi-cial snow, flitter glitter and Christmas trees.