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n. Slang
An automobile, especially one that is small, inexpensive, and old.

[Origin unknown.]


an old, cheap, or battered car
[C20: of unknown origin]


(ˈflɪv ər)

Older Slang. an automobile, esp. one that is small, inexpensive, and old.
[1905–10, Amer.; orig. uncertain]
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For example, your entry-level family flivver may not be as spacious as the family sedan.
Given its sophisticated avionics, high cruising speed and attention to interior and baggage space, the Bristell is clearly conceived as a high-end traveling machine, not a bump-around-the-pattern flivver.
The result was some serious catching up to do to get ready to fly my own personal flivver.
I was very interested in his course, and one day, as I was coming in from Palo Alto with my old flivver, I met him walking on Palm Drive, and I picked him up and gave him a ride.
The shift is telling, for Guston made some very vernacular paintings in the interim, such as Edge of Town, 1969, which depicts two cigar-puffing Klansmen driving their flivver into a white wall.
Williams himself later recalled that he was "hugely excited by what was taking place there," adding that, "on every possible occasion, I went madly in my flivver to help with the magazine which had saved my life as a writer" (1948, 135).
The extra bulk and weight of a whitewater raft for a float means a more expensive Beaver becomes a two-person flivver.
Then, instead of writing a timeline-driven narrative that followed Ford along his journey, Watts divided Ford's life and impact on the world into sections--"The Road to Fame," "The Miracle Maker," "The Flivver King," "The Long Twilight"--and subsections "Emperor," "Father," "Bigot," etc.
After driving it a few times, my friends with later-model cars called it "The Flivver," and the name stuck.
Came the eight-hour day, the finance company (after old Italian masters), the flivver, the radio, TV, and the atom.
Others included the Flivver, Bouncing Betty, Leaping Lena, the Spirit of St.