float around

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w>float around

vi (rumour, news)im Umlauf sein; (person)herumschweben (inf); (things)herumfliegen (inf)
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Again, the darkness prevents our seeing if they still float around us.
If, by any unwonted chance, he failed to come at the appointed moment, she stood beneath the window and sent up the rich sweetness of her tones to float around him in his chamber and echo and reverberate throughout his heart: "Giovanni!
"Plenty of managers will perhaps take a loan player and then keep them floating around the edge - well, he can float around the edge here.
"We float around the pool all summer and usually eat outside," she says.
17 March 2011 - Russia's Nomos Bank intends to float around 20% of its stock in its initial public offering (IPO) in London and Moscow next month, expecting to reap USD600m (EUR429m), a source told daily Kommersant today.
ABC's - Pop letters of the alphabet as they float around the screen and hear the sound of the letter as you touch/pop them and listen to them individually after they have been popped.
MOISTENING a damp cloth very slightly with water before using it to dust furniture will ensure a more efficient job as dust will stick to the damp cloth, rather than just float around the room.
They raised a massive pounds 4,500 by taking a Santa float around Barry over Christmas and once they were in a position to hand over the money, they wanted to see for themselves where it was going.
I can see why, in the 4-5-1 set-up, Walter Smith sees him as the man best qualified to push on and float around for the scraps coming off Jean Claude Darcheville.
One will float around as a result of a dodgy cistern - the other floats around using dodgy systems.
Diagrams bring different aspects that float around in the brain, and are more than just two-dimensional.