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Noun1.floating dry dock - dry dock that can be submerged under a vessel and then raisedfloating dry dock - dry dock that can be submerged under a vessel and then raised
dry dock, drydock, graving dock - a large dock from which water can be pumped out; used for building ships or for repairing a ship below its waterline
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Carnival Cruise Line announced today that Netherlands-based Boskalis, a worldwide leader in marine solutions, will deploy a transport vessel as a first of its kind "floating dry dock" facility to complete the repairs to Carnival Vista's two azipods, the ship's main propulsion system.
But he ended up spending most of his time serving on the USS Alamogordo -- a floating dry dock near Charleston, South Carolina, that maintained and repaired nuclear submarines and mine sweepers -- until he completed his service in 1969.
Dr Al Mazrouei added: "The operational expansion of ADSB through the new floating dry dock in Zayed Port reflects the positive growth seen in the UAE ship building and repair sector.
The invention, which has six columns and a gate at the aft end, resembles a giant floating dry dock which ballasts down on the platform, moves over it and secures it into place using state-of-the-art technology.
San Juan Towing and Marine Services, Inc.,--F.3d--, 2015 WL 500744 (C.A.I (Puerto Rico) 2/6/2015) requiring the First Circuit to determine whether the doctrine of Uberrimae Fidei, utmost good faith, applied to the sinking of the floating dry dock.
Referring to the plans for a floating dry dock, which is an addition to the state-of-the art ship repair facility, he said: "One of our upcoming projects, which we are proud to announce is our floating dock.
A floating dry dock, on the other hand, was a mechanical apparatus, typically made out of steel or wood, sufficient to lift a cradled ship out of the water with ballast tanks and pumps.
After pumping and emergency repairs we left the harbor and proceeded to Manus Island in the Admiralty Island chain, where we entered a floating dry dock. Casualties we recovered were buried at the military cemetery.
Because the 377-foot long ship is larger than its predecessor, the Los Angeles-class submarine, the base's floating dry dock was upgraded to handle Virginia-class submarines.
1849 Abraham Lincoln secured a patent for his floating dry dock. 1892 Dr Washington Sheffield invented the toothpaste tube.
"It's an ongoing project to build a new 2,500-ton-capacity ship lift and floating dry dock facility," he said.