flog off


w>flog off

vt sep (Brit inf) → verscheuern (inf), → verkloppen (inf)
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MAKE no mistake: Boris Johnson wants to flog off our NHS to Donald Trump in a trade deal with the US.
If you want to keep your free telly licence, it is probably wiser not to brass off a generation who subscribe to Netflix, and if you want to get care without having to flog off the family home, it might be a good idea to convince those who can't buy a house in the first place.
But if you think it's hard trying to flog off an ancient skeleton for that sort of money, spare a thought for Rupert van der Werff - the man who had to build it.
And, if some of the more alarmist pundits are to be believed, we may well flog off the dear old National Health Service if the Conservatives are returned to power next May.
SHEFFIELD United boss Micky Adams admits the Blades must flog off their top earners to slash a pounds 12m wage bill after relegation to League One.
Should the Conservatives gain power in theWelsh Assembly no doubt they would want to flog off the woods.
HULL chairman Adam Pearson has warned that the Tigers will have to flog off their prize assets at knock-down prices if they are relegated.
This fine old building was demolished not long ago for precisely no reason, presumably other than to create a brownfield site for someone to flog off at their convenience for a profit some time in the future.
I SHALL be at Sotheby's tomorrow as Ascot bids to flog off those bits of the racecourse that Frankie Dettori hasn't already relocated to his garden.
But proposals to flog off Balmoral Golf Club in the leafy suburbs of south Belfast have had enthusiasts for a sport once memorably described as 'a good walk ruined', claiming that the great Mr Daly would be spinning in his grave.
Also new this week is an announcement by the DVLA that it is preparing to flog off even more of the registration plates it has been holding back.
Cllr Phil Townshend (Lab, Lower Stoke), who proposed the U-turn, said: "We want to keep open the facility as an asset of the city, not to flog off more of the family silver.