floor joist

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Noun1.floor joist - joist that supports a floorfloor joist - joist that supports a floor    
joist - beam used to support floors or roofs
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The current Habitat for Humanity of Jefferson County home project was little more than a concrete foundation and floor joist early Thursday morning.
Now, let's look at the wood floor joist moisture content.
At the other end, they beefed up a double floor joist at the kitchen by making a decorative column load-bearing and carrying the load to the foundation.
A HOUSE building firm was yesterday fined pounds 6,000 after a first floor joist and a platform gave way on a site leaving a bricklayer with serious injuries.
The device, 5ft 3in in length, was disguised as a floor joist and discovered during renovation work.
Mr Adams said the 5ft device, disguised as a floor joist, was discovered at Sinn Fein's head office in West Belfast during renovation work on Monday.
Mr Adams said the sophisticated 5ft listening device, disguised as a floor joist, was discovered at Sinn Fein's head office in west Belfast during renovation work on Monday night.
The curved part of the tool fit on the floor joist and the tongue fit in the slot.
In light of the influence of support conditions on some floor vibration performance indicators, such as natural frequency and static deflection under a point load, and in the interest of developing design procedures to prevent annoying floor vibrations, how floor joist end support stiffness affects these parameters needs to be investigated.
The listening equipment, disguised as a 5ft 3 ins long floor joist, was found in Sinn Fein's Connelly House offices in Andersonstown by workmen carrying out renovation work.