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Of, relating to, or suggestive of a flower: a fabric with a floral pattern.

flo′ral·ly adv.
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Between Bethnal Green and Old Street is the florally famous Columbia Road where you can pick up a fine bunch of pale pink roses, huge leafy plants and deep green foliage to transform your home into an exotic paradise.
To celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary, Jody has been wanting to look 'more girly, without looking frilly, florally or pink' ('You need to look authoritative in my line of work,' she explains)-unfortunately, she doesn't know how or where to begin.
But then she thought of Reese, who is not only female but relentlessly, florally feminine -- and polite, and collaborative, and accommodating, and also rich and powerful as hell -- and that was inspiring to Emily.
Here are some of the forthcoming Chelsea gardens inspired from further afield: THE CHENGDU SILK ROAD GARDEN This Chinese-inspired creation is the biggest of the main show gardens and will be a showstopper, with its dramatic "Silk Road" bridge linking different elements, displaying some of the many plant species found in Sichuan Province, one of the most florally rich and diverse regions in the world.
Striding into a florally decorated St Paul's Hall on the Queensgate campus at the head of a scholarly procession, he took his seat at the front centre of the stage while smiling at the cohort.
"It smells fresh and florally. I love roses, obviously." Obvs.
Best kept and florally attractive bus, Metro or railway station: Saltburn Railway Station.
On the page, Gatsby sends his servants to mow Nick's lawn and dress his rooms florally, preparatory to meeting Daisy in his neighbor's cottage.
The gun, which is fitted with solid Wexell & DeGrass-style scroll and florally decorated silver grips, is fully engraved and has 80 percent of the original finish.
In 1921, Dame Attalini aimed to catch a few compliments with her specially designed Ascot Frock topped off with a large, boaterstyle, florally decorated hat which she hoped would protect from the customary summer rain.
Moscato is sweet and florally scented, more moderate in alcohol and carbonation, with delicate peach and melon-like fruit flavors.
How often have you seen a florally decorative pergola with crumbling supports?