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Any of several hybrid roses bearing numerous single or double flowers.

[New Latin flōribunda, feminine of flōribundus, blossoming freely, from Latin flōs, flōr-, flower; see flower.]
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(Plants) any of several varieties of cultivated hybrid roses whose flowers grow in large sprays
[C19: from New Latin, feminine of flōribundus flowering freely]
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(ˌflɔr əˈbʌn də, ˌfloʊr-)

any of a class of roses characterized by a long blooming period and a profusion of large flowers.
[1895–1900; < New Latin, n. use of feminine of flōribundus flowering freely]
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one of several varieties of rosé characterized by their long blooming period and their large flowers, often in clusters.
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In a distant glade I have made a spring garden round an oak tree that stands alone in the sun--groups of crocuses, daffodils, narcissus, hyacinths, and tulips, among such flowering shrubs and trees as Pirus Malus spectabilis, floribunda, and coronaria; Prunus Juliana, Mahaleb, serotina, triloba, and Pissardi; Cydonias and Weigelias in every colour, and several kinds of Crataegus and other May lovelinesses.
The Japanese wisteria, Wisteria floribunda has the longest flower trusses and widest range of varieties.
floribunda Willd., exhibited significant anti-ophidian activity in mice, although the therapeutic activity of the associated extract remains poorly characterized (12,19).
This award-winning floribunda rose is highly fragrant and a superb breakthrough in colour.
This award-winning and highly fragrant "Rhapsody in Blue" Floribunda rose is a superb breakthrough in colour.
After seven years of hard work, the garden is now home to a collection of miniature roses, shrub roses, climbing roses, floribunda roses, and hybrid tea roses, attracting rose enthusiasts from far and near.
Our main objective here was to analyze the growth and survival of seedlings of the shade tolerant, native tree species Hasseltia floribunda Kunth.
Leave at least two leaves above the top truss to draw sap ?Propagate floribunda and specie roses by semi-ripe cuttings taken from shoots which haven't carried flower ?Moisten dry material you add to your compost bed to speed decay and add a proprietary accelerator to help the process ?Harvest crops including courgettes and beans when they are young, to encourage the plants to produce more flowers and fruits
Even before David and Deborah Ellman added to the front of their Seattle house, they had white Wisteria floribunda 'Alba' in mind.
Playing off the thirst of plant vascular systems, a team of Swedish researchers cut roses (Rosa floribunda) and set them in water containing specially designed organic molecules that can conduct and process electricity.
The Fraxinus floribunda Wall., commonly known as East Indian Ash belongs to family Oleaceae.