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of or relating to flowers or a flora
floˈristically adv
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(flɔˈrɪs tɪk, floʊ-)

of or pertaining to flowers or a flora.
flo•ris′ti•cal•ly, adv.
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"Their floristic biodiversity is remarkable: 44% of the vascular plants known in Iran are found in the Hyrcanian region, which only covers 7% of the country.
The monsoon evergreen broadleaved forest is a tropical montane evergreen broad-leaved forest based on its habitats, physiognomy and floristic composition (Zhu et al., 2005), while the mid-montane wet evergreen broad-leaved forest on upper mountains has been likened to cloud forests or mossy forests of Asia (Shi et al., 2009, Zhu et al., 2016).
However, there are still a limited number of studies that evaluate changes in floristic diversity and composition between phytophysiognomies distributed along the same environmental gradient at a local scale.
Specifically in tropical forests, the edaphic factors, luminosity, and water availability are associated with floristic dissimilarities across habitats (Tuomisto and Poulsen, 1996).
These are in the California Floristic province, Madrean Pine Oak Woodlands, Mesoamerica of North and Central America; Caribbean Islands; Atlantic Forest, Cerrado, Chilean Winter Rainfall Valdivian Forest, Tumbes Choco Magdalena and Tropical Andes in South America;
Likewise, as a conservation approach, scientific studies on floristic composition, vegetation structure, and regeneration status of a given forest patch are needed to determine the status of the forest and take appropriate conservation measures.
In this same chorological area, he was also involved in compiling the floristic maps in the ORCA Atlas (Catalonia, Valencia, Baleares) and the Atlas Florae Europeae.
Floristic Quality Index values for native species, derived from Floristic Quality Assessment, were 50.2 in 2003 and 47.3 in 2016.
Floristic composition provides basic information about any ecological, phytogeographical and management studies of the plants of an area.
Hence, this study tries to explore species richness, floristic variation of tree communities and relationship between species and island areas of four selected island forests in the Langkawi Archipelago, and data gathered are anticipated to be used for management of island forests at the Langkawi Archipelago.