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 (flô′sē, flŏs′ē)
adj. floss·i·er, floss·i·est
1. Superficially stylish; slick: wrote flossy articles about the lifestyles of the rich.
2. Of, relating to, or resembling floss.

floss′i·ly adv.
floss′i·ness n.
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adj, flossier or flossiest
1. consisting of or resembling floss
2. informal US and Canadian (esp of dress) showy
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(ˈflɔ si, ˈflɒs i)

adj. floss•i•er, floss•i•est.
1. made of or resembling floss; downy.
2. showily stylish; fancy: a flossy dress.
floss′i•ly, adv.
floss′i•ness, n.
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Adj.1.flossy - like down or as soft as down
soft - yielding readily to pressure or weight
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[ˈflɒsɪ] ADJ
1. [cloud, hair] → vaporoso, ahuecado
2. (US) (= showy) → llamativo, espectacular, ostentoso
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They trudged onwards with slanted bodies through the flossy fields, keeping as well as they could in the shelter of hedges, which, however, acted as strainers rather than screens.
As well as the above, Meraki hosts a summer yard party tomorrow from 3pm-4am at Yard, where the special guest will be Mount Kimbie joining Boogalo, Flossy, Giovann and Cherry Mango.
029 2064 6900 CHILDREN The Ramshackles Brilliant Adventure Following on from their hugely popular family shows Ned and the Whale and The Curiosity Shop, Flossy and Boo are back with their unique, magical and bizarre brand of storytelling.
Flossy the ferret Flossy was found as a stray with another ferret.
FOLLOWING on from their other hugely popular family shows of The Curiosity Shop and The Legendary Adventure of Litla the Brave, Flossy and Boo bring you another spellbinding show that allows you to leap fearlessly into the far reaches of your imagination, with their own magical and bizarre brand of storytelling.
The SSPCA are now looking to trace the owner of the animal they have named Flossy.
This promises to be an exciting adventure that will see the Funbox team discover different dino-pals, and along the way they will meet friends old and new, including Fluffy, Flossy and Fairy Fran - not forgetting Bonzo!
Self-styled as the Flossy Posse, they reunite in New Orleans for a festival where they let it all hang out with booze and boys.
One of the episodes shows the rescue of a Bischon Frise named Flossy by Moelfre RNLI in February this year, after her owners had lost sight of her during a walk.
Rook and rabbit rifles formed a distinct class of guns and ranged from low-priced break-action single shots up to flossy double rifles.