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Noun1.Flour mill - a mill for grinding grain into flourflour mill - a mill for grinding grain into flour
milling machinery, grinder, mill - machinery that processes materials by grinding or crushing
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The high quality export product made in Akwa Ibom State is set to roll off the warehouse of the Kings Flour mill into market shelves the state government announced.
In 2018, the former PML-N government had assured flour mill owners that there would be no duties imposed on choker wheat.
PESHAWAR -- One labourer died when a shuttering of under construction wall of flour mill was fallen on him at Daudzai area in the outskirt of the city.
In the coming months, the company will end production at its Nokomis flour mill in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and its flour mill Salina, Kansas.
It is the only flour mill in southern Mindanao and the second URC flour plant in the country, the company added.
In a major relief to flour mill companies, the sultanate's government in September 2018 had released 50 per cent of the long-awaited subsidy on wheat to Oman Flour Mills Company and Salalah Mills Company.
Summary: Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], July 4 (ANI): The body of a 12-year-old boy was found in a room at a flour mill here.
"Any flour mill found guilty of black marketing of wheat, hoarding and smuggling of flour would be sealed
This study is therefore undertaken to assess the respiratory symptoms and pulmonary function problems related to flour mill workers.
The company is setting up a 500 mt flour mill in Sohar, adjacent to the silos proposed to be constructed by the government as per its strategic food reserve programme.
The Mill continued as a flour mill and then a flour storage depot until the mid 1960s.