flow away

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Verb1.flow away - flow off or away gradually; "The water flowed off from the pipe"
empty, discharge - become empty or void of its content; "The room emptied"
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Then flow away, my sweety sap, And I will make you boily; Nor catch a wood man’s hasty nap, For fear you should get roily.
‘Tis fuel, food, and timber; And when your stiff day’s work is done, Its juice will make you limber, Then flow away, etc.
And he thought--who has not thought for a moment, sometimes?--that it might be better to flow away monotonously, like the river, and to compound for its insensibility to happiness with its insensibility to pain.
His voice, blank and forced as though he were talking through hard-set teeth, seemed to flow away on all sides into the darkness, deepening again upon the sea.
Stifel analyst Mark Astrachan attributes recent underperformance in shares of Monster Beverage to money flow away from growth consumer staples, worries about energy drink category instability as Red Bull does not plans to follow Monster's announced price increase and most recently to fears that accelerating share gains by Bang will hurt Monster's growth.
Thrust-Enhancing Exhaust Routing diverts exhaust flow away from the propeller at RPMs below 2500, providing clean water and a better grip for massive 17-inch props while backing or utilizing the Helm Master System.
In some cases, drainage improvements can be as simple as changing the slope of the soil to redirect the water flow away from the building.
This produces a surface tension gradient that causes flow away from the low surface tension area, resulting in a circular low spot (see Figure 1 for an example).
Local landowners also helped with the project by allowing ditches at the back of Brookside to be extended so water could by diverted to flow away from houses towards the basins.
The important thing here is that we can trap the water whenever we need them, instead of letting all the water flow away, he added.