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Verb1.flow from - be the result of
ensue, result - issue or terminate (in a specified way, state, etc.); end; "result in tragedy"
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Perhaps the most important number on the cash flow statement is the cash flow from operating activities, also called operating cash flows or cash from operations.
In patients with very severe emphysema, the VisoV point can begin almost immediately after the peak flow due to a mixture of flow from a combination of normal cartilage supported airways and from damaged airways.
The valve controls the rate of fluid flow from the cylinder to tank and is best used with overrunning loads.
Furthermore, absence of cash flow from category number seven could mean that that you have to look to the client's liquid net worth for mortgage payments.
As an example, a portfolio of the sample insureds described above would be projected to produce 71 months of negative cash flow from premium payments followed by a large positive flow from death proceeds.
Syria's dependence upon downstream flow from Turkey is further exacerbated when one learns that Turkish pumping of ground water in recharge areas of the two tributaries could significantly reduce the flow of the Syrian springs, which feed them.
"With the old die design we saw variations in flow from different parts of the die on the order of 5:1."