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Verb1.flow from - be the result of
ensue, result - issue or terminate (in a specified way, state, etc.); end; "result in tragedy"
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three at the entrance of the hollow veins where they are disposed in such a manner as by no means to prevent the blood which it contains from flowing into the right ventricle of the heart, and yet exactly to prevent its flowing out; three at the entrance to the arterial vein, which, arranged in a manner exactly the opposite of the former, readily permit the blood contained in this cavity to pass into the lungs, but hinder that contained in the lungs from returning to this cavity; and, in like manner, two others at the mouth of the venous artery, which allow the blood from the lungs to flow into the left cavity of the heart, but preclude its return; and three at the mouth of the great artery, which suffer the blood to flow from the heart, but prevent its reflux.
Furthermore, absence of cash flow from category number seven could mean that that you have to look to the client's liquid net worth for mortgage payments.
With the old die design we saw variations in flow from different parts of the die on the order of 5:1.
For the three-year period, less than half the companies had sufficient cash flow from operations to cover primary cash requirements.