1. Flowers considered as a group.
2. The process or state of flowering.


1. (Botany) a mass of flowers
2. (Botany) the process or act of flowering


(ˈflaʊ ər ɪdʒ)

the process or state of flowering.


 flowers collectively, 1831.
Examples: flowerage of architectural fancy, 1887; flowerage is the setting of sorts of flowers together in husks and so to hang them up with strings, 1688.
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A variety of flowering traits were measured, including flower opening phenology, bloom season phenology, and flowerage density.
Flowerage density: An area of 1 m2 was selected on the crown of each tested tree.
The bloom phenophase can be classified into three sub-phenophases: kickoff (May), main flow (June- July) and fading (August), with flowerage density means of 6, 217 and 18 FHs/m2/day, respectively.
This classification was built from the flowerage density data (Figure 1).
The mean of the total flowerage of a tree was 11,759 595 FHs/tree/day, while the means of each month were 456 45, 12,899 883, 21,615 1,174 and 1,429 152 FHs/tree/day during May, June, July and August, respectively.
Ambition, thrift, delight in life, blossomed like hardy flowerage on sturdy stalks.