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adj. flow·er·i·er, flow·er·i·est
1. Of, relating to, or suggestive of flowers: a flowery perfume.
2. Abounding in or covered with flowers.
3. Full of ornate or grandiloquent expressions; highly embellished: a flowery speech.

flow′er·i·ness n.
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Great communicators earn respect, not by the quantum or floweriness of their words but by the passion and the sincerity in which they are spoken.
TABLE 1 Hair Dyes and Tattoo Inks Sampled Country of Active Brand Name Color Origin Ingredients Hair dyes Above Nature Black India Nil Above Floweriness Red India Nil Above Violet Red India Nil Cruset Deep black China Cetearyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide Orino Black China Nil Orino Wine China Nil Orino Gold China Nil Orino Purple China Nil Orino Coral brown China Nil Orino Chestnut brown China Nil Orino Purplish wine China Nil Sabary Wine red India Nil Sabary Chestnut brown India Nil Sabary Grape red India Nil Sabary Splendid purple India Nil Sabary Splendid red India Nil Native Dye Black Nigeria Nil Tattoo inks Intenze Lemon yellow USA Nil Intenze Bright red USA Nil Intenze True black USA Nil J.Y.
Aggiunti died young, and a memorial oration by the rector of the university, Marcantonio Pieralli (1638), is, with allowances for the floweriness of such compositions, another source of information about him.
As Lea Jacobs says, one could find a reaction against formality and floweriness in language in the United States by the 1910s (1-24).
It was Darius''s son Xerxes''s eyes that had the stink of destiny about them,remarks Gorgo, exemplifying the overblown floweriness of the script.
"Great nose, a floweriness that reminds me of gin," said Renzo Kian-Kubota.