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Noun1.flowering tobacco - South American ornamental perennial having nocturnally fragrant greenish-white flowersflowering tobacco - South American ornamental perennial having nocturnally fragrant greenish-white flowers
tobacco plant, tobacco - aromatic annual or perennial herbs and shrubs
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Dwarf varieties of flowering tobacco (Nicotiana) are sized just right for pots.
The flowering tobacco plant Nicotiana does a wonderful job in the evening, along with nightscented stock.
Here are my top five bedding plants for this season: 1 NICOTIANA SYLVESTRIS (FLOWERING TOBACCO) DON'T be fooled by neat trays of bedding available at the moment, these South American beauties will grow as tall as 5ft!
NICOTIANA THIS is the flowering tobacco plant which comes from the Andes region in Argentina and Bolivia.
There are lime-green selections - an ideal accompaniment to Nicotiana 'Tinkerbell', a flowering tobacco that has a mass of small, chartreuse-green flowers with a crimson interior.
Having said that, the list of flowers that support hummers include salvias, petunias, nasturtiums, flowering tobacco (Nicotiana), cleomes, impatiens, bee balms, foxgloves, columbines, lupines, honeysuckle shrubs and vines, plus dozens of other perennials and annuals.
Seeds of change - Many plants grow easily from seed, including sweet peas, cosmos, flowering tobacco, cornflowers and Californian poppies.
Common names vary from Woodland Tobacco, Flowering Tobacco to South American Tobacco.
For red choose from annual phlox, celosia, dahlia, flowering tobacco (Nicotiana), geranium, petunia, Salvia coccinea, or scarlet sage.
Annuals for Fragrance: Clarkia amoena (farewell-to-spring) Cleome hasslerana (spider flower) Dianthus chinensis (China pink) Erysimum cheiri (wallflower) Heliotropium arborescens (heliotrope) Lathyrus odoratus (sweet pea) Lobularia maritime (sweet alyssum) Matthiola incana (stock) Nicotiana alata (flowering tobacco) Pelargonium spp.
These plants include lily, cardinal flower, honeysuckle, bee balm, trumpet vine, abelia, beauty bush, scarlet salvia, blue salvia, flowering tobacco, primrose, evening primrose, wiegelia, lily of the valley, single petunia, morning glory, nasturtium, snapdragon, foxglove, fuschia, pineapple and common sages, impatiens, poppies, red clover, scarlet runner bean, sweet peas, squash.
We will use flowering tobacco and petunias in barrels and pots.