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a. The reproductive structure of angiosperms, characteristically having either specialized male or female organs or both male and female organs, such as stamens and a pistil, enclosed in an outer envelope of petals and sepals.
b. Such a structure having showy or colorful parts; a blossom.
c. A flower head.
2. A plant that is cultivated or appreciated for its blossoms.
3. The condition or a time of having developed flowers: The azaleas were in full flower.
4. The period of highest development or greatest vigor. See Synonyms at bloom1.
5. The highest example or best representative: the flower of our generation.
6. A natural development or outgrowth: "His attitude was simply a flower of his general good nature" (Henry James).
7. flowers Chemistry A fine powder produced by condensation or sublimation of a compound.
v. flow·ered, flow·er·ing, flow·ers
1. To produce a flower or flowers; blossom.
2. To develop naturally or fully; mature: His artistic talents flowered early.
To decorate with flowers or with a floral pattern.

[Middle English flour, from Old French flor, from Latin flōs, flōr-; see bhel- in Indo-European roots.]

flow′er·er n.
flow′er·less adj.
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(Botany) designating any plant that does not produce seeds. See cryptogam
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Adj.1.flowerless - without flower or bloom and not producing seeds; "a flowerless plant"
flowering - having a flower or bloom; "a flowering plant"
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For a house Lacking a host is but an empty thing And void of honour; a cup without its wine, A scabbard without steel to keep it straight, A flowerless garden widowed of the sun.
Half a mile farther on Father Brown was puzzled first by little labyrinths of flowerless flower-pots, covered with the low, flat, quiet-coloured plants that look less like a garden than a tessellated pavement, between weak curly paths studded with seats with curly backs.
Of course if you feed the bulbs after the flowers have faded, you may get another year or so out of them, but if they are flowerless then replacement is the only answer.
The flowerless site was at an altitude of about 270 m and this is close to the elevations of the two highest sites of the Mount Munro massif, both of which carried the Green-comb Spider-orchid Caladenia dilatata (Whinray 2012).
For those interested in a little history, the name of the city, Baguio, comes from 'Bag-iw,' an Ibaloi word that means 'moss,' a flowerless plant growing in green clumps or mats, and found in abundance in the area.
With its great diversity in altitudes, climatic conditions and habitat, the Himalayan region sustains more than 9,000 species of flowering plants, including orchids and rhododendrons, countless types of flowerless mosses, algae, fungi, and a large variety of trees, both evergreen and deciduous.
They'll certainly make you happy in November by bringing cheer and colour to otherwise flowerless plots.
Sienna Miller was roundly blasted for appearing on the Graham Norton show flowerless - at the end of October.
Synopsis: Mosses are small flowerless plants that usually grow in dense green clumps or mats, in damp or shady locations.