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flown 1

Past participle of fly1.

flown 2

adj. Archaic
Filled to excess.

[ Obsolete past participle of flow.]


the past participle of fly1


(Ceramics) relating to coloured (usually blue) decoration on porcelain that, during firing, has melted into the surrounding glaze giving a halo-like effect
[probably from the obsolete past participle of flow]



a pp. of fly 1.



Archaic. filled to excess.
[Middle English flōwen; past participle of flow]
References in classic literature ?
If the roof of the house had suddenly flown off, the old gentleman wouldn't have been more astonished.
He caught up his camera tripod which was near his cot, and made a swing with it at the creature that had flown into the tent through an opening it had made for itself.
While this had been passing, Eva had flown like a bird, through the porch and parlor, to a little boudoir opening likewise on the verandah.
Yes, I seemed to have flown back out of that age into this of ours, and then forward to it again, and was set down, a stranger and forlorn in that strange England, with an abyss of thirteen centuries yawning between me and you
By and by she sat suddenly upright, for a comforting thought had flown through her worried mind--
Meantime the "remarkable" child had flown up the road in the deepening dusk, but she had not gone far before she heard the sound of hurrying footsteps, and saw a well-known figure coming in her direction.
I heard him in a blubbering tone commence the tale of how "that nasty Jane Eyre" had flown at him like a mad cat: he was stopped rather harshly -
she continued, after a pause; 'except where I've flown.