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 (flŭb) Informal
tr.v. flubbed, flub·bing, flubs
To botch; bungle.
The act or an instance of botching or bungling: "a comedy of small social flubs" (James Wolcott).

[Origin unknown.]

flub′ber n.
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informal US a bungler
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Mary Zumbrock, team captain of the Daily Herald team "PC Flubber," says, "The team members are all rooting for each other's success.
If you're prepared to shell out a bit more to take things back to the days of Sister Sister, Saved By The Bell and stonewashed denim, Topshop are selling their version - a Flubber inflatable backpack - for [pounds sterling]18.
I mean, you have to remember that this was a movie initially done ndash and done well ndash by the late, great Robin Williams.I hesitate to laud any remakes of any movies he's been in ndash even the lesser known ones like Flubber.
Children learnt how to make flubber, or slime, a fun experiment that involves mixing Elmer's glue with dissolved borax to cross-link the molecules, creating a solid-like consistency from two liquids.
Known best for his hysterics in classic children's films like 'Flubber,' 'Jumanji,' 'Hook' and 'Mrs.
"Flubber" may not have been a hit with critics, but if you want to watch a film with the late (http://www.ibtimes.com/robin-williams-widow-susan-schneider-williams-reveals-late-comedians-struggles-2424935) Robin Williams , you have until May 5. 
Instead, Connery has gone back in post and unconvincingly inserted digital balls, which defy the laws of physics as blatantly as the CG goo in Disney's "Flubber." The strategy robs us of what little thrill golf has to offer, whether spectating live or on TV, as impossible shots remain precisely that: impossible.
Flubber 5STAR 5.05pm The late Robin Williams' manic energy was harnessed in this family film that'll keep the kids occupied for a couple of hours.
An absent-minded professor takes on a rival who tries to steal his fiancee and ruin his reputation and uses his sentient bouncy scientific discovery - flubber - to try to save the day (1997)
Visitors to the exhibition - admission is included in the entry ticket to Life - will get to see more than 40 full size robot models, some of which, like Weber from the film, Flubber and Bicentennial Man from the film of the same name (both of which starred Robin Williams) were the actual ones used during production.
Lucy Colman said: "Looks like a giant flubber or something that belongs in a children's playground.
[The students] think about how the flubber simulates what a glacier does when it moves downhill," Fowell says.