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1. Subject to change or variation: variable: fluctuant oil prices.
2. Medicine Capable of being moved or compressed. Used of an abnormal mass such as a tumor or abscess.
3. Moving in waves.

[From Latin flūctuāns, flūctuant-, present participle of flūctuāre, to fluctuate; see fluctuate.]


inclined to vary or fluctuate; unstable


(ˈflʌk tʃu ənt)

1. fluctuating; varying; unstable.
2. moving or seeming to move in waves; undulating.
[1550–60; < Latin]
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Treatment includes incision and drainage for fluctuant lesions or intralesional corticosteroid injection for early, nonfluctuant cases.
Oral mucocele is characterized by one or more soft, smooth, painless translucent, spherical fluctuant nodules usually asymptomatic.1 These lesions could be present in other parts of the body but are more common in the mouth and the commonest site is the lower lip then followed by the cheek and floor of the mouth.
* Compared with existing static performance models, AutoScale adopts a fuzzy Kalman filter to predicts response time, which adaptively adjusts applications' parameters to deal with fluctuant workloads.
Certes le cours du baril sur le marche international reste plus au moins fluctuant et fragilise par les tensions commerciales entre les USA et la Chine qui risquent d'impacter negativement la demande de petrole au niveau mondial.
According to the review of literature of the 15 cases patients present with a painless rubbery, soft fluctuant swelling which is not related to food intake, these patients may also show a seldom skin changes which might help in clinching the diagnosis.
Clinical findings: At initial evaluation, ankyloblepharon of the left eye was observed, with no upper or lower eyelid margins and a large, round, fluctuant subcutaneous mass over the left orbit.
He developed necrotic skin changes on a fluctuant and indurated area in the left anterior abdominal wall, suggesting an abscess formation, and the patient was referred to our clinic (Figure 1) Contrast-enhanced abdominal computed tomography (CT) scan revealed a gross mass with fluid inside in the lower left quadrant.
Extraoral examination demonstrated a diffuse fluctuant swelling with pus discharge, and the overlying skin appeared hyperemic.
The swelling was fluctuant and had contents that would flow into the abdominal cavity when pressed.John said the previous day he had let his goats out in the paddocks for them to exercise and to give him time to repair the pens.
Todays power supply with huge but fluctuant shares of renewable energy (solar, Wind) seriously stresses transformers leading to an increased degeneration of the transformer insulating oil and thus to a significant influence of performance and decrease of their life time.
Les Emirats Arabes Unis et l'Egypte ont pese de tout leur poids pour soutenir la Chambre des Representants basee a Tobrouk et a son Armee Nationale Libyenne dirigee par le fluctuant marechal Khalifa Haftar, souligne FP.
Flexible endoscopic inspection revealed fluctuant mass in the submental area with unknown boundaries and clearly narrowed airway between tongue base and oropharynx (Figure 1).