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1. Subject to change or variation: variable: fluctuant oil prices.
2. Medicine Capable of being moved or compressed. Used of an abnormal mass such as a tumor or abscess.
3. Moving in waves.

[From Latin flūctuāns, flūctuant-, present participle of flūctuāre, to fluctuate; see fluctuate.]


inclined to vary or fluctuate; unstable


(ˈflʌk tʃu ənt)

1. fluctuating; varying; unstable.
2. moving or seeming to move in waves; undulating.
[1550–60; < Latin]
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Series of values in research does not show trend, including fluctuant issues demonstrated in our previous work.
A 5-cm by 5-cm indurated fluctuant nodule was noted on her right buttock.
Aural haematoma is collection of blood within the cartilage plate of ear characterised as fluctuant, fluid-filled swelling on concave surface of one or both pinna (Fossum et al.
On palpation the lesion on both sides was cystic, fluctuant and non-tender.
Abstract A 53-year-old healthy lady who underwent a planned laparoscopic surgery for the removal of gall stones presented with mildly tender fluctuant swelling along the line of surgical scar which did not respond in spite of various antibiotics.
Other uncommon presentations include; a typical undermined tuberculous ulcer, purulent discharge from the nipple or with a fluctuant swelling which, if inadvertently incised, produces a discharging ulcer.
Epidermoid cysts occasionally become inflamed, developing into a fluctuant soft-tissue swelling surrounded by erythema and containing a localised collection of purulent material.
With uncontrolled infection, the firm nodes are replaced by a palpable fluctuant mass (suppurative adenitis), which may require drainage.
The lesion on palpation was found to be soft, fluctuant in consistency and mobile in nature.
If prompt clinical improvement does not occur or if the swelling becomes fluctuant, incision and drainage should be performed.