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intr.v. fluc·tu·at·ed, fluc·tu·at·ing, fluc·tu·ates
To vary irregularly, especially in amount: School enrollment has fluctuated from year to year.

[Latin flūctuāre, flūctuāt-, from flūctus, a flowing, from past participle of fluere, to flow; see bhleu- in Indo-European roots.]

fluc′tu·a′tion n.
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Adj.1.fluctuating - having unpredictable ups and downs; "fluctuating prices"
unsteady - subject to change or variation; "her unsteady walk"; "his hand was unsteady as he poured the wine"; "an unsteady voice"


[ˈflʌktjʊˌeɪtɪŋ] adjoscillante
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On the whole it can be concluded that the absolute share of Punjab firms in RCF outsourcing has fluctuatingly been increased from the minimum Rs.
Occurence of symptoms both during the day and the night fluctuatingly 10) Lability of mood 0.
It is concluded that abdominal symptoms and the syndromes they constitute occur frequently and fluctuatingly in the elderly population.