fluent aphasia

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Noun1.fluent aphasia - aphasia characterized by fluent but meaningless speech and severe impairment of the ability understand spoken or written words
aphasia - inability to use or understand language (spoken or written) because of a brain lesion
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sup][29] However, the patients with fluent aphasia is contrary.
This is also called Wernicke's aphasia (attributed to the person who discovered the condition and the area of the brain that is thought to be affected) or fluent aphasia (the enunciation, delivery, and tempo of speech is normal) (Damasio, 1992; Ellis, Miller, & Sin, 1983).
Features such as intact fluency of speech with normal rate and melody, poverty of speech content and paraphasic errors (including neologisms) pointed towards a fluent aphasia such as a Wernicke's aphasia.
While linguistic disorders-in which repetition is preserved and speech output is diminished and that anomia and paraphasias accompany-are attributed to ventrolateral and ventral anterior nuclei lesions, a fluent aphasia is seen with pulvinar and posterior lateral nucleus lesions.
The role of semantic complexity in treatment of naming deficits: Training semantic categories in fluent aphasia by controlling exemplar typicality.
There's also a display by fine art graduate Lydia Meehan called Fluent Aphasia and Portal, a showcase of new graduate work @ Oriel Davies until January 22 PENARTH Stasis by Danish visual artist and photographer Trine Sondergaard, who lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.
As a clinician and linguist, she is able to present information on fluent aphasia from both the theoretical and clinical points of view, which adds to the strength of the book.