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1. Light down or fuzz, as on a young bird or on a dandelion or milkweed seed.
2. Something having a very light, soft, or frothy consistency or appearance: a fluff of meringue; a fluff of cloud.
3. Something of little substance or consequence, especially:
a. Light or superficial entertainment: The movie was just another bit of fluff from Hollywood.
b. Inflated or padded material: The report was mostly fluff, with little new information.
4. The parts of a junked car that are not metal and cannot be recycled.
5. Informal An error, especially in the delivery of lines, as by an actor or announcer.
v. fluffed, fluff·ing, fluffs
1. To make fluffy: fluff a pillow; a squirrel fluffing out its tail.
2. Informal
a. To ruin or mar by a mistake or blunder: They fluffed their chance to participate in the playoffs by losing their last three games.
b. To forget or botch (one's lines).
3. Vulgar Slang To cause (a man) to be sufficiently aroused so that he is able to have sexual intercourse, especially in a pornographic film.
1. To become fluffy.
2. Informal To make an error, especially to forget or botch one's lines.

[Origin unknown.]

fluff′er n.


(Film) a person employed on a pornographic film set to ensure that male actors are kept aroused
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Only those old enough to remember the former Liverpool striker's howler against Aston Villa in 1992 will recognise how bad was this one from the Bees' player, who must surely now be a challenger for the title of football's biggest fluffer.
His film credits include roles in "Easy A," "Stepfather," "John Tucker Must Die," "Forever Strong," "The Fluffer," "Cymbeline," "Margin Call" and more.
Kuhnhenn Fluffer and Founders All Day sell well year round, and Perrin Grapefruit Ale is just around the corner and sells to those who are newer to the craft beer scene," Mercer says.
Glatzer and Westmoreland met in 1995, and their first film together was "The Fluffer," about the gay porn industry.
But planets larger than this size grow fluffer, not denser.
ON THE RECORD The Blue Eyed Shark Experiment - The Fluffer It has been said that great art is born out of pain and adversity, and this is certainly the case of The Blue Eyed Shark Experiment.
The cakes, too, are first class - a strawberry and cream fluffer, a chocolate and orange dome, an apple-strudelesque tart.
Schwarzenegger said it has to be of a fluffer, one who is employed on porno movie sets to prepare male actors for their scenes.
If it's the capable quarterback on display through much of the Giants' two most recent games, rather than the intercepted fluffer, the Giants could achieve an upset.
The system is composed of an air compressor that uses instrument-quality dry air, conveyors, Hanaar's proprietary buffer, fluffer and ISO-flow systems, the sorter itself and an "accepts" and "rejects" container, all of which can be installed between the shredder and baler of an existing system, Greenspan says.
Energy-saving auxiliary functions include a five-tie auto-tier, fluffer door, and oil filtration, which are separately driven by a dedicated motor.