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n. (used with a sing. verb)
The technology of using the flows and pressures of fluids in sensing, control, and information-processing systems with no moving parts.


(Electrical Engineering) (functioning as singular) the study and use of systems in which the flow of fluids in tubes simulates the flow of electricity in conductors. Such systems are used in place of electronics in certain applications, such as the control of apparatus
fluˈidic adj


(fluˈɪd ɪks)

n. (used with a sing. v.)
the technology dealing with the use of a flowing liquid or gas in various devices, esp. controls, to perform functions usu. performed by an electric current in electronic devices.
flu•id′ic, adj.
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Parker Precision Fluidics Division 26 Clinton Drive #103 Hollis, NH 03049 Phone: 603-595-1500 E-mail: ppfinfo@parker.
ThinXXS product portfolio is a fantastic fit with IDEXs core optics and scientific fluidics products and technologies that serve our life science customers.
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New research commissioned by the European Union (EU) underscores the importance of micro fluidics and silicon photonics for remote fibre management, the company said.
With the ADVIA 2120i System, maintenance is simplified with UnifluidicsTechnology through reduced fluidics, eliminated pinch valves, and automated daily cleaning.
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Alicat says it can offer a choice of valves, valve orifices and process connections to fit customer specifications and EPC instruments are ideal for use in OEM gas chromatographs, fluidics dispensing for flow cytometry, and anywhere responsive pressure control is needed.
Bio-Chem Fludics's latest piston Pump is designed for fluidics systems when the accuracy of the diaphragm pump is insufficient or prone to failure rates.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-July 17, 2015-Morgenthaler Private Equity merges Bowles Fluidics Corporation, DLH Industries
According to the company, enhanced flow stability and increased dispense times make it ideal for applications like flow cytometry and micro fluidics.
VIC's portfolio companies represent a diversified range of industries and products: Medical diagnostics (Ascendant Dx, CardioWise); medical devices (SFC Fluidics, OsteoVantage, Vixiar Medical); pharmaceuticals (BiologicsMD); environmental (BlueInGreen); food safety (BioDetection Instruments); manu-facturing and materials (NanoMech, TiFiber); nutrition (Nutraceutical Innovations, Sevo Nutraceuticals); computing (NanoWatt Design); life sciences instrumentation and research tools (Minotaur Technologies); and silk technology (Akeso Biomedical).
The system is led by its internal low-volume design and newly redesigned fluidics that minimize dispersive and adsorptive losses during a chromatographic separation.