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A continuous, amorphous substance whose molecules move freely past one another and that has the tendency to assume the shape of its container; a liquid or gas.
1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of a fluid.
2. Readily reshaped; pliable.
3. Smooth and flowing; graceful: the fluid motion of a cat.
a. Changing or tending to change; variable: a fluid situation fraught with uncertainty.
b. Characterized by or allowing social mobility: a fluid society.
5. Convertible into cash: fluid assets.

[From Middle English, flowing, from Old French fluide, from Latin fluidus, from fluere, to flow; see bhleu- in Indo-European roots.]

flu·id′i·ty (-ĭd′ĭ-tē), flu′id·ness n.
flu′id·ly adv.
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Noun1.fluidness - the property of flowing easily; "adding lead makes the alloy easier to cast because the melting point is reduced and the fluidity is increased"; "they believe that fluidity increases as the water gets warmer"
thinness - a consistency of low viscosity; "he disliked the thinness of the soup"
2.fluidness - a changeable quality; "a charming Oriental fluidity of manner"; "a certain fluidness in his perception of time made him an unpredictable colleague"; "demographers try to predict social fluidity"
changeability, changeableness - the quality of being changeable; having a marked tendency to change; "the changeableness of the weather"
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I took in this fluidness around me and decided to create a transient art that reflected it.
It is the audio equivalent of looking at abstract art, where the emphasis is not on the clarity of form to reach understanding, but rather on the fluidness of structure forcing you to leave the need to understand behind.
Gareth can certainly spark a back-line, not just with his ability to run but with the fluidness of his passing.
Gareth can certainly spark a backline, not just with his ability to run but with the fluidness of his passing.
Census-based or cross-sectional data may not appropriately capture the extent of the potential diversity and change or fluidness of the households.
The iOS 8 available on the iPhone 6 Plus has impressive fluidness and sleek appeal.