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 (flŭngk) Informal
v. flunked, flunk·ing, flunks
To fail, especially in a course or an examination.
a. To fail (an examination or course).
b. To give a failing grade to (a student).
2. To fail (a drug test, as for a performance enhancing substance).
1. A failure.
2. A failing grade.
Phrasal Verb:
flunk out
To expel or be expelled from a school or course because of work that does not meet required standards.

[Origin unknown.]

flunk′er n.


1. (Education) a person who flunks an examination
2. (Education) an examiner who causes an exam candidate to flunk
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As Lester, Tomkovick, Wells, Flunker, and Kickul (2005) note, if students are given the chance to work directly with service users, they will have personal contact with this population throughout the project.
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Pity that cousin, so desperate to pass a drug test that he relies on the help of Onterrio Smith, serial drug-test flunker," wrote Scott Ostler in the San Francisco Chronicle.