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The mineral fluorapatite crystalises onto the surface of the tooth.
Tumanov, Solid solution formation at the sintering of hydroxyapatite fluorapatite ceramics.
Phosphate minerals on Earth, like fluorapatite and whitlockite, take their time to dissolve, they are also not readily incorporated into a water-based solution, which is why their concentration are relatively low.
Montmorillonite, kaolinite, quartz, fluorapatite, hematite and pyrite were also identified [9].
This study reports for the first time in vitro and in vivo properties of fluorapatite (FA)-forming calcium phosphate cements (CPCs).
Biomaterials commonly used in tissue engineering Biopolymers Natural Alginate Synthetic Poly(glycolic acid), Collagen Poly(lactic acid) Chitosan and their co-polymers Hyaluronic acid Poly([epsilon]-caprolactone) Poly Poly(dioxanone) (hydroxybutyrate) Polyethylene oxide /polybutylene teraphthalate co-polymers Poly(propylene Bioceramics fumarate) Hydroxyapatite and other types of calcium phosphate like fluorapatite or tricalcium phosphate Biphasic hydroxyapatite/ tricalcium phosphate ceramics Bioactive glass ceramics Tab.
2] and fluorapatite (Elrashidi and Lindsay 1986), the main F compounds present in SSP (Braithwaite 1987) and NCPR (Van Kauwenbergh 2003), respectively.
However, an intriguing task is to find out, whether any OH-containing carbonate fluorapatite variety characteristic of the Recent lingulate shells is preserved.
The substitution converts it to the more acid-resistant fluorapatite.
Uranium mineralization at Nuottijarvi occurs as uraninite associated with fluorapatite breccia, hosted by a carbonate-apatite horizon at the contact between quartzite and graphitic breccia.
The higher density of dots of the phosphorus and calcium gives a reasonable outline of a crystal of fluorapatite.