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 (flo͝o-rĕs′ē-ĭn, flô-, flō-)
An orange-red compound, C20H12O5, that exhibits intense fluorescence in alkaline solution and is used in medicine for diagnostic purposes, in oceanography as a tracer, and as a textile dye.
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(ˌflʊəˈrɛsɪɪn) or


(Elements & Compounds) an orange-red crystalline compound that in aqueous solution exhibits a greenish-yellow fluorescence in reflected light and is reddish-orange in transmitted light: used as a marker in sea water and as an indicator. Formula: C20H12O5
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(flʊˈrɛs i ɪn, flɔ-, floʊ-)

a red crystalline compound, C20H12O5, that in alkaline solutions produces an intense green fluorescence: used as a tracer and in dyes.
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Noun1.fluorescein - a yellow dye that is visible even when highly diluted; used as an absorption indicator when silver nitrate solution is added to sodium chloride in order to precipitate silver chloride (turns pink when no chloride ions are left in solution and negative fluorescein ions are then absorbed)
solution - a homogeneous mixture of two or more substances; frequently (but not necessarily) a liquid solution; "he used a solution of peroxide and water"
absorption indicator - an indicator used in reactions that involve precipitation
dye, dyestuff - a usually soluble substance for staining or coloring e.g. fabrics or hair
bromeosin, eosin - a red fluorescent dye resulting from the action of bromine on fluorescein; used in cosmetics and as a biological stain for studying cell structures
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n fluoresceina
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Patients having retinal detachment, tractional or rhegmatogenous, vitreous haemorrhage and macular surface disorders (assessed with slit lamp biomicroscope and funds condensing lenses, IOP was measured with AT and fluorescein) were included.
It discusses comparison to fluorescein angiography, terminology, and interpretation of inner and outer retinal disorders, including diseases of the optic nerve head, along with case studies of inner retinal pathology, outer retinal disease, diseases of the choroid, and optic nerve disease.
These products include: Fluorescein Sodium & Benoxinate, Altacaine, Goniotaire, and Homatropine.
For over 30 years, fundus photography and fluorescein angiography have been extremely valuable for expanding our knowledge of anatomy, pathology and pathophysiology of the retina and choroid, and have aided the diagnosis, helps in identifying the cause of the pathology and monitoring of the treatment of retinal vascular, macular disorders and chorioretinal diseases (3),(4)
Currently, retinal blood flow is usually assessed using fluorescein angiography.
The scaffold is bathed in a solution that contains molecules of fluorescein, which attach to the scaffold when they are activated by laser light.
One of the most common tests done if a corneal ulcer is suspected is a fluorescein stain.
The ESSENCE trial met its primary efficacy endpoint, improvement of total corneal fluorescein staining over vehicle at Day 29 (4 weeks), with high statistical significance (p = 0.0002).
It is also possible to acquire fluorescein angiograms in premature infants with ROP using the Optos system.
Fluorescein staining is enhanced with cell degeneration or cell death, which increases membrane permeability to fluorescein.
The Eye Center now has the following machines: Fundus Photography Fluorescein Angiography, Visual Fields/Humphrey Perimetry, 532 nm Laser, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), A Scan and B Scan Ultrasonography, Slit Lamp with Digital Camera, as well as a Yag Laser.
The Eye Center has the following machines: Fundus Photography Fluorescein Angiography, Visual Fields/Humphrey Perimetry, 532 nm Laser, Optical Coherence Tomography, A Scan and B Scan Ultrasonography, Slit Lamp with Digital Camera, as well as a Yag Laser.