fluorescence microscopy

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Noun1.fluorescence microscopy - light microscopy in which the specimen is irradiated at wavelengths that excite fluorochromes
microscopy - research with the use of microscopes
indirect immunofluorescence - a method of using fluorescence microscopy to detect the presence of an antigen indirectly
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Additional resources onboard the Mobile Response Vehicle completing the total microscopy solution includes fluorescence microscopy for Anthrax identification and use of the McCrone Online Atlas of Microscopic Particles.
Building contracts for the delivery of the device superrezolucnE[degrees] fluorescence microscopy techniques, enabling capture of dynamic processes in living cells with high-resolution 3D with the possibility of detecting single molecules of the fluorophore in the sample, including accessories (especially advanced software and data storage).
1 combines the advantages of clearing with light sheet fluorescence microscopy.
As the laser beams used for the excitation of LAPS/SPIM and fluorescence signals are focused through the same microscope objective, we will, for the first time, be able to access the same micro-environment with two photon fluorescence microscopy and electrical imaging simultaneously, enabling us to monitor dynamic changes in cell morphology and electrical properties in real time.
Among the topics are microscale and nanoscale structures and system and their applications in certain directions, dielectric spectroscopy of polymer-based nanocomposite dielectrics with tailored interfaces with structured spatial distribution of fillers, localized surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy with applications to chemistry, controlling the reversible self-assembly path of an amyloid beta peptide over the surface of gold colloidal nanoparticles, spectral self-interference fluorescence microscopy to study the conformation of biomolecules with nanometer accuracy, and a review of nanoscale spectroscopy in medicine.
Combined with fluorescence microscopy, this technique enabled researchers at the RIKEN Center for Developmental biology to obtain detailed images of a mouse brain at an unprecedented resolution.
METHODS: The hamster cheek pouch microcirculation was visualized by fluorescence microscopy.
At 85 per cent relative humidity, both optical and fluorescence microscopy show two distinct liquid phases in this particle generated from an atmospheric filter sample taken in Atlanta, Georgia in 2010.
7-AAD/DNA complexes can be excited by argon-ion laser and emit fluorescence with a maxima of 647 nm, making this nucleic acid stain useful for multicolor fluorescence microscopy, confocal laser-scanning microscopy and flow cytometry.
12 However, the need for minimal tissue AF is more critical to the success of colocalization studies using CLSM than to those using standard fluorescence microscopy, because fluorescence signals are detected using colorblind photomultiplier tubes with CLSM but color-sensitive charge-coupled device cameras are used with standard fluorescence microscopy.
High Content Imaging has industrialised the field of microscopy, transforming process like fluorescence microscopy from the single glass slide to a fully automated high-throughput imaging process.
has launched the QBC ParaLens Advance, a breakthrough product that can easily upgrade any compound light microscope for LED fluorescence microscopy.

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