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a paint made up with some phosphorescent substance, as sulphide of calcium, which after exposure to a strong light is luminous in the dark for a time.

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She said: "They are actually going to spray paint dog fouling with fluorescent paint and leave it for 48 hours before sending out another team to lift it.
Fluorescent paint and LED lights help make it easy for people to find.
Also, why not highlight uneven pavements with fluorescent paint, at least we could see where we were likely to fall.
33 (all works 2014), made with fluorescent paint and illuminated by black light, glowered alone, unstretched and nailed directly to the wall in a separate room.
The Canadian singer and others posted images online showing cartoon faces in fluorescent paint on an outdoor wall at the hotel in Queensland state.
This luminous blueprint -by artist in residence, Natalie Taylor - was created with fluorescent paint on the ground of a disused car park earmarked for development next year.
With white oil pastels, they drew designs on them and, in the final step of the day, painted them with fluorescent paint.
After the Berlin Wall s fall, it became one of the most popular techno clubs of the capital and later notorious for its decadent sex parties -- traces of fluorescent paint on the walls recall the bunker s former incarnation.
I don't want people to be depressed when they look at the work," she adds, beginning each piece by painting her whole canvas with fluorescent paint, after which she applies paint in thick, buttery strokes, creating deeply textured, almost sculptural work.
Designed for heavy-duty use, this LED light fixture is built on a platform similar to fluorescent paint booth fixtures, but offers increased performance through the inclusion of LED tubes.
India, April 11 -- Larson Electronics has released wheeled cart mounted explosion proof fluorescent paint spray booth light, the EPLCD-48-2L-100.

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