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 (flo͝o-rĕs′, flô-, flō-)
intr.v. fluo·resced, fluo·resc·ing, fluo·resc·es
To undergo, produce, or show fluorescence.

[Back-formation from fluorescence.]

fluo·resc′er n.
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something that fluoresces; a fluorescent substance
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Finally they were counterstained for nuclei with DAPI and mounted with the fluorescer. Macrophages and smooth muscle actin were observed under confocal fluorescence microscope (Zeiss LSM 780) and the positively stained macrophages and smooth muscle cells were automatically analyzed and quantified on Image-pro plus 6.0.
One possible explanation for that may be due to the self-association of quencher molecule, or the quencher with the fluorescer as reported in the literature.
Para la cuantificacion de la viabilidad del hongo se desarrollo una tecnica fluorescente basada en el hecho de que las celulas metabolicamente activas son capaces de hidrolizar intra-celularmente el diacetato de fluoresceina (FDA) produciendo la fluoresceina, compuesto que al fluorescer permite cuantificar el porcentaje de celulas viables en los agregados celulares.