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 (flo͝or′ĭ-nā′shən, flôr′-)
A chemical reaction that introduces fluorine into a compound.
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This study will show the sensitivity of level of fluorination on several physical properties of a family of UV-curable fluoro-silicone coatings, including adhesion, solvent absorption, stiffness, and thermal oxidative stability.
(2) Nucleophilic substitution of activated alkyne derivatives: This approach will build upon the method recently developed in the rstad group for fluorination of aromatics via nucleophilic displacement of a sulfonium salt (X=SAr2 as shown, unpublished work).
Leveraging AGC's fluorination technologies and extensive experience in in-house drug discovery and the CDMO business built up in Japan, AGC, with the addition of MPC, will be able to offer its CDMO services from a broader asset base, catering to European customer requirements and expanding its presence in the European market.
Inhance is the world's provider of post-mold fluorination solutions and the innovator in fluorine-based barrier enhancement and surface activation technology.
"The great challenge for us has been to retain existing high standards of oil repellency - whilst eliminating long-chain fluorination. We have solved this problem by creating a special silicon dioxide backbone." The result - Nanoflex F-Bond, marketed under the umbrella brand INTELLIGENT HYBRIDS is based on liquid concentrates and is applied using common industrial dipping methods.
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