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 (flo͝or′ō-yo͝or′ə-sĭl, flôr′-)
An antineoplastic agent, C4H3FN2O2, used especially in the treatment of cancers of the skin, breast, and digestive system.


a chemotherapy drug used in the treatment of cancer, which operates by interfering with the abnormal growth of cells


(ˌflʊər əˈyʊər ə sɪl, ˌflɔr-, ˌfloʊr-)

a pyrimidine analog, C4H3FN2O2, used in the treatment of certain cancers.
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Noun1.fluorouracil - an antimetabolite used to treat certain cancers
antimetabolite - an antineoplastic drug that inhibits the utilization of a metabolite


n fluorouracilo
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These results "indicate that treating a patient with a single course of fluorouracil would reduce the subsequent number of spot treatments and benefit care of patients with multiple AKs for longer than 2 years," concluded Dr.
Cisplatin, fluorouracil, and docetaxel in unresectable head and neck cancer.
Fluorouracil (Adrucil) is approved for the treatment of colorectal and multiple other cancers.
In most of the cases of breast cancer the prescribed chemotherapy regimen was six cycles of FAC (Fluorouracil + Adriamycin + Cyclophosphamide) administered every three weeks.
Although capecitabine is slightly more expensive than fluorouracil, it is cheaper to use because it can be taken by mouth outside of hospital.
A statistical analysis of cell regeneration showed a 15.4 percent reduction in new brain cells following fluorouracil, a 30.5 percent reduction following cyclophosphamide, a 22.4 percent reduction following doxorubicin, and a 36 percent reduction following paclitaxel.
But the couple were not told of the risk of cardio-toxicity with 5 - Fluorouracil.
Prospective randomized trial comparing mitomycin, cisplatin, and protracted venousinfusion fluorouracil (PVI 5-FU) with epirubicin, cisplatin, and PVI 5-FU in advanced esophagogastric cancer.
Taxotere was approved on the basis of the results of a multicenter, randomized trial of 358 patients with previously untreated, inoperable, locally advanced SCCHN The patients were divided into two groups; one received Taxotere in combination with the chemotherapy drugs cisplatin and fluorouracil, and the other received only cisplatin and fluorouracil.
This compared with 81% who received the standard therapy with fluorouracil.
* Antineoplastic agents (fluorouracil, methotrexate, procarbazine).
The regulator has approved the product as monotherapy and in combination with chemotherapy regimen platinum and fluorouracil. The approval is for first-line treatment of metastatic or with unresectable, recurrent head and neck squamous cell carcinoma as monotherapy in patients whose tumours express the biomarker PD-L1.