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Noun1.flurbiprofen - a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (trade name Ansaid) that is administered only orallyflurbiprofen - a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (trade name Ansaid) that is administered only orally
nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, NSAID - an anti-inflammatory drug that does not contain steroids; "NSAIDs inhibit the activity of both Cox-1 and Cox-2 enzymes"
propanoic acid, propionic acid - a liquid fatty acid found in milk and sweat and in fuel distillates
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Sales of Flurbiprofen Cataplasm amounted to approximately RMB161 million, approximately 5.8% higher than that of the same period last year.
The objective of present study was to compare the effect of flurbiprofen and wafers on pain control after initial arch wire placement in terms of decrease in Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) score.
Additionally, the patient was given flurbiprofen (1 drop OS q8h) and triple antibiotic ointment (neomycin, polymyxin B, bacitracin; OS q8h) and placed in an oxygen ([O.sub.2]) cage at 98% [O.sub.2] overnight.
Flurbiprofen is a rapidly absorbed, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, with 96% oral bioavailability following oral administration.
Efect of flurbiprofen on bleeding time and platelet aggregation.
Ophthalmic NSAIDs currently in use include nepafenac, ketorolac tromethamine, diclofenac sodium, bromfenac and flurbiprofen. A study performed in rabbit eyes demonstrated the distribution of ophthalmic nepafenac in the cornea, aqueous humor, iris, ciliary body and choroid.
Sorts of interactions between lithium and different NSAIDs Well-established interaction Celecoxib, diclofenac, flurbiprofen, ([a] lithium) indomethacin, ketorolac, ketoprofen, lornoxicam, mefenamic acid, meloxicam, niflumic acid, phenylbutazone, piroxicam Variable interaction Ibuprofen and naproxen ([b] or [a] or [c] lithium) Without proven interaction Acetylsalicylic acid and sulindac [a] no change; [b] slight increase; [c][up arrow] moderate increase.
Flurbiprofen axetil, a nonselective NSAID incorporated in lipid microspheres, has high affinity for inflammatory tissue and surgical incision sites to control postoperative pain by blocking cyclooxygenase.
Uveitis in the OD also became progressively worse necessitating topical treatment with NeoPolyDex ophthalmic suspension (TID), several topical nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories (diclofenac 0.1% ophthalmic solution, then flurbiprofen 0.03% ophthalmic solution, both TID), and atropine 1.0% ophthalmic ointment once weekly.
Salomon, "Efficacy of topical flurbiprofen and indomethacin in preventing pseudophakic cystoid macular edema.