flush it

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Verb1.flush it - fail to get a passing gradeflush it - fail to get a passing grade; "She studied hard but failed nevertheless"; "Did I fail the test?"
fail - fall short in what is expected; "She failed in her obligations as a good daughter-in-law"; "We must not fail his obligation to the victims of the Holocaust"
fail - judge unacceptable; "The teacher failed six students"
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If you can't remove all the dirt with your shop vacuum, you'll have to flush it.
When it's yellow, we let it mellow, but when it's brown, we flush it down with the fast pouring detergent jugs; one jug usually does a flush in A large detergent bottle with a spigot works great for washing hands.
Flush it again with lots of water and blot it--don't wipe it--dry with a clean cloth.