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flush 1

v. flushed, flush·ing, flush·es
1. To turn red, as from fever, embarrassment, or strong emotion; blush.
2. To glow, especially with a reddish color: The sky flushed pink at dawn.
3. To flow suddenly and abundantly, as from containment; flood.
4. To be emptied or cleaned by a rapid flow of water, as a toilet.
1. To cause to redden or glow.
2. To excite or elate: The team was flushed with the success of victory.
a. To clean, rinse, or empty with a rapid flow of a liquid, especially water: flush a toilet; flush a wound with iodine.
b. To drive away with a rapid flow of a liquid: flush debris from a pipe.
c. To remove or eliminate: "The weakness in demand and productivity will at least ... flush out some of the inflation premium that has been built into interest rates" (Fortune).
a. A flooding flow or rush, as of water.
b. The act of cleaning or rinsing by or as if by flushing.
2. A blush or glow: "here and there a flush of red on the lip of a little cloud" (Willa Cather).
a. A reddening of the skin, as with fever, emotion, or exertion.
b. A brief sensation of heat over all or part of the body.
4. A rush of strong feeling: a flush of pride.
5. A state of great vigor or development. See Synonyms at bloom1.
adj. flush·er, flush·est
1. Having a healthy reddish color; flushed.
a. Having an abundant supply of something, especially money: a business that is flush with profits; a crowd that was flush with excitement.
b. Marked by abundance; plentiful: flush times resulting from the oil boom.
a. Having surfaces in the same plane; even.
b. Arranged with adjacent sides, surfaces, or edges close together: a sofa flush against the wall. See Synonyms at level.
c. Printing Aligned evenly with a margin, as along the left or right edge of a typeset page; not indented.
4. Direct, straightforward, or solid: knocked out by a flush blow to the jaw.
5. Designed to be emptied or cleaned by flushing: a flush toilet.
1. So as to be even, in one plane, or aligned with a margin.
2. Squarely or solidly: The ball hit him flush on the face.

[Probably from flush, to dart out.]

flush′er n.
flush′ness n.

flush 2

n. Games
A hand in which all the cards are of the same suit but not in numerical sequence, ranked above a straight and below a full house in poker.

[French flux, flus, from Old French flux, from Latin flūxus, flux; see flux.]

flush 3

v. flushed, flush·ing, flush·es
1. To frighten (a game bird, for example) from cover.
2. To drive or force into the open: The police fired tear gas to flush out the terrorists.
To dart out or fly from cover.
A bird or flock of birds that has been frightened from cover.

[Middle English flusshen.]


1. temporarily showing a rosy colour, esp in the cheeks; blushing
2. flushed with something very excited because of some success or triumph
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Adj.1.flushed - having the pinkish flush of health
healthy - having or indicating good health in body or mind; free from infirmity or disease; "a rosy healthy baby"; "staying fit and healthy"
2.flushed - (especially of the face) reddened or suffused with or as if with blood from emotion or exertion; "crimson with fury"; "turned red from exertion"; "with puffy reddened eyes"; "red-faced and violent"; "flushed (or crimson) with embarrassment"
colored, coloured, colorful - having color or a certain color; sometimes used in combination; "colored crepe paper"; "the film was in color"; "amber-colored heads of grain"


1. (often with with) exhilarated, excited, aroused, elated, high (informal), inspired, thrilled, animated, enthused, intoxicated She was flushed with the success of the venture.
2. blushing, red, hot, burning, embarrassed, glowing, rosy, crimson, feverish, ruddy, rubicund Young girls with flushed faces pass by.


Of a healthy reddish color:
مُحْمَر الوَجْه، مُتَوَرِّد، مُحْتَقِن
yüzü kızarmış


[flʌʃt] ADJ
1. (= red) [face, cheeks] → colorado, rojo
she arrived looking flushedllegó colorada
to be flushed from alcohol/sleepestar colorado por el alcohol/de haber dormido
to be flushed with angerestar rojo de ira
to be flushed with embarrassmentestar rojo de vergüenzaestar sonrojado
2. (= excited) to be flushed with successestar eufórico por el éxito
to be flushed with excitementestar arrebatado de entusiasmo
to be flushed with victoryestar eufórico por el triunfo
3. (= tinged) white flowers flushed with pinkflores fpl blancas teñidas de rosa


[ˈflʌʃt] adj
(= red) [person] → (tout(e)) rouge
flushed with anger → rouge de colère
Her face was flushed with anger → Elle était rouge de colère.
flushed with success → grisé(e) par le succès


adj (= red) face, cheeksrot, gerötet; to be flushed (person)rot im Gesicht sein; she arrived flushedsie kam mit einem roten Kopf an; if your child is flushed and feverishwenn Ihr Kind rot aussieht und Fieber hat; flushed with excitement/embarrassment/angerrot vor Aufregung/Verlegenheit/Wut; to be flushed with success/happinessüber seinen Erfolg/vor Glück strahlen; white flowers flushed with pinkweiße, stellenweise rosa getönte Blüten


[flʌʃt] adjtutto/a rosso/a


(flaʃ) noun
1. a flow of blood to the face, making it red. A slow flush covered her face.
2. (the device that works) a rush of water which cleans a toilet. a flush toilet.
1. to become red in the face. She flushed with embarrassment.
2. to clean by a rush of water. to flush a toilet.
3. (usually with out) to cause (an animal etc) to leave a hiding place. The police flushed out the criminal.
flushed adjective
red in the face. You look very flushed.
(in) the first flush of
(in) the early stages of (something) when a person is feeling fresh, strong, enthusiastic etc. in the first flush of youth.
References in classic literature ?
The word `limes' was like fire to powder, his yellow face flushed, and he rapped on his desk with an energy which made Jenny skip to her seat with unusual rapidity.
She was a terrifying-looking person; almost a giantess in height, raw-boned, with iron-grey hair, a face always flushed, and prominent, hysterical eyes.
She was flushed and felt intoxicated with the sound of her own voice and the unaccustomed taste of candor.
exclaimed Alice, bending forward to read his half-averted countenance, until a lock of her golden hair rested on her flushed cheek, and nearly concealed the tear that had started to her eye; "did I think this idle tongue of mine had pained you, I would silence it forever.
At the sight of the great man, Spear flushed crimson, and then his look of despair slowly disappeared; and into his eyes there came incredulously hope and gratitude.
Much as I liked my companions, this hour was the thing in the day I liked most; and I liked it best of all when, as the light faded--or rather, I should say, the day lingered and the last calls of the last birds sounded, in a flushed sky, from the old trees-- I could take a turn into the grounds and enjoy, almost with a sense of property that amused and flattered me, the beauty and dignity of the place.
If moody Ahab was now all quiescence, at least so far as could be known on deck, Stubb, his second mate, flushed with conquest, betrayed an unusual but still good-natured excitement.
The boy flushed up to his forehead, and his eyes sparkled.
There was a light of wonder in her eyes and her lids trembled, and her otherwise wan little face was flushed.