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Noun1.flute player - someone who plays the fluteflute player - someone who plays the flute    
instrumentalist, musician, player - someone who plays a musical instrument (as a profession)
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Then again on the other side was a rout of young men revelling, with flutes playing; some frolicking with dance and song, and others were going forward in time with a flute player and laughing.
She has been sub-principal flute player in the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra since 2005.
For years he was a leading flute player in the country playing for his passion at the radio, films and concerts all over the world.
She has received numerous awards including The Egyptian State Award of Art, the Best flute player Award from several countries, and a special award from the South Korean Art Festival.
Among the other performers included Zoha (Ilahi Shukr-e-Nemat kay liay) while flute player Niaz Qitoshi gave forth melodious tunes through his flute.
Luisa Sello, acclaimed Italian flute player, Ambassador of Music and Italian Culture in the World performed a very spectacular program for Baku audience, especially in occasion of the celebration one of the loveliest holidays of Azerbaijani people - New Year.
Joining the company is Grammy Award-winning Bill Miller, a Native American recording artist, performer, songwriter, activist, painter, and world-class native flute player.
Recording of a 90 years old flute player Taleem Khan, was also agreed upon who still remembers many old folk tunes that the new musicians do not know.
This year they are joined by the Palestinian vocalist, flute player, and composer Nai Barghouti -- a rising star of Arabic music, after her recent acclaimed performances at the Montreux Festival and the UN Headquarters in New York -- and by several students from leading British conservatoires.
The band started in late 2011 as the idea of college friends Dave Wilde - the saxophone and flute player with North East funk/soul band Smoove & Turrell - and Chris Jelly, who was playing vibraphone with Principle 3.
The budding flute player got a chance to meet world famous flautist Sir James Galway after battling her dyslexia to write to him by hand.
Recorded live on location in one night, with one take per track and using no added studio effects or overdubbing, Under the Stars is the debut solo album of Native American flute player Joanne Lazzaro.