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Noun1.flute player - someone who plays the fluteflute player - someone who plays the flute    
instrumentalist, musician, player - someone who plays a musical instrument (as a profession)
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Then again on the other side was a rout of young men revelling, with flutes playing; some frolicking with dance and song, and others were going forward in time with a flute player and laughing.
It is pertinent to mention here that Flute player Baqir Abbass and singer Kanza Munir and five others witnesses had already recorded their statements before the court.
Guitarist Asad Ahmed, bass player Mohammad Ali, drummer Qaisar Zain, backing vocalists Aqsa Ali and Kinza Muneer, saxophone player Mohammad Taqi, percussionist Kashif Chaman, flute player Baqir Abbas and keyboard player Joshua Keith were produced before court by Zafar's counsel as eyewitnesses of the rehearsal session during which Shafi has claimed she was harassed.
The eyewitnesses included Asad Ahmed (guitarist), Muhammad Ali Zafar (bass player), Qaiser Zainul Abedin (drummer), Joshua Keyth Benjamin (Keyboardist), Kashif Chamman (percussionist), Muhammad Taqi (saxophone player), Baqar Abbas (flute player), Kanza Munir (female backing vocals) and Aqsa Ali (female backing vocals).
It is pertinent to mention here that Flute player Baqir Abbass and singer Kanza Munir had already recorded their witness before the court.
The Year of the People, a musical medley arranged and performed by Italian flute player and Palestine Chronicle Editor, Romana Rubeo.
Tomorrow's event includes the region's best young trad musicians along with junior Burnsian piper Gregor Grierson, Gaelic and Scots band Burnswark, singer Rowan Hastie, clarsach player Priya Rome, fiddler Aisling Anderson and flute player Rosie Ford.
She has been sub-principal flute player in the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra since 2005.
Today, I perform in all over the world and represent the positive image of Pakistan as a flute player,' he explained.On why did he choose flute as a profession, Akmal explained, 'Flute playing techniques have been passed down in my family for four generations.
She has received numerous awards including The Egyptian State Award of Art, the Best flute player Award from several countries, and a special award from the South Korean Art Festival.
Among the other performers included Zoha (Ilahi Shukr-e-Nemat kay liay) while flute player Niaz Qitoshi gave forth melodious tunes through his flute.
Joining the company is Grammy Award-winning Bill Miller, a Native American recording artist, performer, songwriter, activist, painter, and world-class native flute player.