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One who plays the flute.


(Music, other) chiefly US and Canadian a variant of flautist


(ˈflu tɪst)

also flautist

a flute player.
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Noun1.flutist - someone who plays the fluteflutist - someone who plays the flute    
instrumentalist, musician, player - someone who plays a musical instrument (as a profession)


[ˈfluːtɪst] N (US) → flautista mf


[ˈfluːtɪst] n (US)flûtiste mf


(ˈfloːtist) (American) flutist (ˈfluːtist) noun
a flute-player.


(fluːt) noun
a type of high-pitched woodwind musical instrument.
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Published in 2016, Notes for Flutists comprises the first volume in the "Notes for Performers" series proposed to Oxford University Press by author Kyle J.
The author also provides us with a brief history of jazz flutists, mostly connected with Afro-Cuban bands, and he links Mann's longstanding interest in Latin American music to hearing a 1947 recording of "Jungle Fantasy" by the Puerto Rican flutist Esy Morales.
Many different types and styles of flutes are presented in 66 color photo-illustrations, and the final chapters are dedicated to famous 20th century performers, women flutists, jazz flutists, and traditional flute performers of different ethnicities who are bringing old styles of flute performance to new audiences.
She has also studied with the principal flutists of the New York Philharmonic and the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra.
Flute music took center stage recently in a collaborative concent featuring flutists Caitlin Coyiuto and Yuko Enomoto with Cristine Coyiuto on the piano.
Sivadasan ( 56) is the man who makes flutes for several top Hindustani and Carnatic flutists in the country.
Breath attacks are an excellent way for flutists to develop the openness and embouchure flexibility necessary to produce well-centered and resonant notes.
He is also recognised as one of world's top bamboo flutists and featured in the BBC documentary Destination Music.
With such broad coverage, the dictionary is suitable for flutists of all ages and abilities, and any flute enthusiast would benefit from having a copy close at hand.
He has been a lecturer and instructor to the International Festival of Flutists in Lima, Peru, the City University of London and the Latin American Music Center at Indiana University.
Twice the recipient of the Latin New York Music Award as flutist, Brachfeld studied with Jimmy Heath, Hubert Laws, and Mike Longo, and has been described by Downbeat Magazine as "one of the finest jazz flutists around.
Experienced flutists will find much value in the presentation of modern music concepts.