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One who plays the flute.


(Music, other) chiefly US and Canadian a variant of flautist


(ˈflu tɪst)

also flautist

a flute player.
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Noun1.flutist - someone who plays the fluteflutist - someone who plays the flute    
instrumentalist, musician, player - someone who plays a musical instrument (as a profession)


[ˈfluːtɪst] N (US) → flautista mf


[ˈfluːtɪst] n (US)flûtiste mf


(ˈfloːtist) (American) flutist (ˈfluːtist) noun
a flute-player.


(fluːt) noun
a type of high-pitched woodwind musical instrument.
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The latter jam, by the way, employs not one but three flutists, and highlights the primary source of George Shearing's inspiration - the tasteful piano flights of Frank Emilio, a blind man who doesn't need a dog or a cane to walk the streets of Old Havana.
OV: It is quite peculiar to find such a wind section -two flutists playing with a trumpeter and an alto saxophonist.
Proper breath support when adhering strictly to tempo markings may be difficult for some less experienced flutists. Some sections are marked "non vib" to indicate no vibrato.
Lady Galway is renowned for her dedication to the development of young flutists and is vice president of Flutewise, an educational organization for young flute players.
Great Flute Duos is a valuable contribution to the pedagogical repertoire for flutists. This collection presents excerpts involving close coordination of two flutes from thirty-three orchestral works, from Bach to Brahms to Stravinsky.
I do urge flutists in particular to seek out this work.
Many flutists are familiar with this version of the duet that was included in Tone Development Through Interpretation by Marcel Moyse.
Staying in shape is, of course, the admitted goal of flutists' warm-up routine--from Marcel Moyse through Jean-Pierre Rampal, Geoffrey Gilbert and many more.
Many different types and styles of flutes are presented in 66 color photo-illustrations, and the final chapters are dedicated to famous 20th century performers, women flutists, jazz flutists, and traditional flute performers of different ethnicities who are bringing old styles of flute performance to new audiences.
She has also studied with the principal flutists of the New York Philharmonic and the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra.
Flute music took center stage recently in a collaborative concent featuring flutists Caitlin Coyiuto and Yuko Enomoto with Cristine Coyiuto on the piano.
Sivadasan ( 56) is the man who makes flutes for several top Hindustani and Carnatic flutists in the country.