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v. flut·tered, flut·ter·ing, flut·ters
1. To wave or flap rapidly in an irregular manner: curtains that fluttered in the breeze.
a. To fly by a quick light flapping of the wings.
b. To flap the wings without flying.
3. To move or fall in a manner suggestive of tremulous flight: "Her arms rose, fell, and fluttered with the rhythm of the song" (Evelyn Waugh).
4. To vibrate or beat rapidly or erratically: My heart fluttered wildly.
5. To move quickly in a nervous, restless, or excited fashion; flit.
To cause to flutter: "fluttering her bristly black lashes as swiftly as butterflies' wings" (Margaret Mitchell).
1. The act of fluttering.
2. A condition of nervous excitement or agitation: Everyone was in a flutter over the news that the director was resigning.
3. A commotion; a stir.
4. Medicine Abnormally rapid pulsation, especially of the atria or ventricles of the heart.
5. Rapid fluctuation in the pitch of a sound reproduction resulting from variations in the speed of the recording or reproducing equipment.
6. Chiefly British A small bet; a gamble: "If they like a flutter, Rick will get them better odds than the bookies" (John le Carré).

[Middle English floteren, from Old English floterian; see pleu- in Indo-European roots.]

flut′ter·er n.
flut′ter·y adj.
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1. flapping rapidly; fluttering
2. showing nervousness or excitement
3. light or insubstantial
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Women were fluttery creatures, and here mere mastery would prove a bungle.
"It came to me suddenly." She was speaking very slowly, her eyes warm and fluttery and melting, a soft flush on her cheeks that did not go away.
It was in the dusk of Death's fluttery wings that Tarwater thus crouched, and, like his remote forebear, the child-man, went to myth-making, and sun-heroizing, himself hero-maker and the hero in quest of the immemorable treasure difficult of attainment.
When I think of the real thing you can't imagine what a horrid cold fluttery feeling comes round my heart.
Annie, on the other hand, is outrageous, moving "in staccato, fluttery bursts, like she wasn't fully in control of her own trajectory." The women take jobs at a seedy Detroit night club where cocaine and disco flow freely and are soon swept into an inescapable crisis.
His jigging and fluttery body action was obviously part of his pantomime to put his victim off.
A nice daytime mascara for a natural, fluttery look.
Lashes looked full and fluttery and I loved that it is a superdark, intense black.
Tanya, who has teamed up with PrimaLash for her own line in fluttery lashes, was joined by her footballer husband Phil, Real Housewives of Cheshire pals Christine McGuiness, Perla, Rachel Lugo and and Seema Malhotra for the event at Neighbourhood bar and restaurant in Spinningfields.
Ardell natural black wispies, PS4.95 These fluttery lashes are a red-carpet standby to add drama without a heavy fringe effect.
Her pretty features were enhanced with smoky shadow, fluttery lashes and a glossy rose lip.
EYES WIDE OPEN LONG fluttery lashes are the Holy Grail of beauty.