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a. A flow or flowing.
b. Continual change.
2. Archaic
b. fluxions Differential calculus.

[French, from Late Latin flūxiō, flūxiōn-, from Latin flūxus, flux; see flux.]

flux′ion·al adj.
flux′ion·al·ly adv.
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Infinitesimals, differences, and the Method of Fluxions were foremost in the minds of the leading mathematicians.
I know too well that a great majority of Englishmen are fond of The Indefinite which they Measure by Newton's Doctrine of the Fluxions of an Atom, A Thing that does not Exist.
a comprehensive theory of the fluxions of these triangles chez Adlard en 1768 et A new and complete treatise of spherical trigonometry: in which are contained the orthographic, analytical, and logarithmical solutions of theseveral cases of spherical triangles en 1791.
The past is not past, the future folds back upon itself, and the present is shot through with fluxions of past and future that destabilize it.
Escribio un importante tratado sobre probabilidades, tradujo Fluxions, el libro de Newton, al frances (de una version inglesa del latin original) y aplico sus habilidades cuantitativas a importantes estudios sobre la resistencia de la madera que producia en su finca.
It also reveals Newman as sophisticated thinker about calculus, Newtonian fluxions, evolution, and physical science.
This author has analyzed the chronological timelines of numerous scientific discoveries, including these: Euclidian Geometry, Newton's derivation of fluxions (calculus), Newton's development of a theory of universal gravitation, unified geometry, thermionic emission, and Pauli's exclusion principle in physics (Harmon, 1973).
El prefacio de The Method of Fluxions and Infinite Series; with its Application to the Geometry of Curve-Lines (3) declara que el principio fundamental sobre el que esta construido el metodo de fluxiones, que es muy simple y es tomado de la mecanica racional, consiste en:
Recognizing this tension between Newton's actual mathematical practice and his stated philosophy of mathematics allows Guicciardini to shed considerable light on the progress of Newton's mathematical research, and he grants needed perspective on Newton's insistence on developing a mathematical program of fluxions (what we now refer to as Newton's calculus), which was to include both an analytic and synthetic method.
His mathematics of fluents and fluxions, an outcome of considerations of the intensification and remission of qualities, assumed continuity rather than discreteness.
En 1740, el que posteriormente seria insigne naturalista, Buffon, hace una traduccion al frances del De Methodis serierum et fluxionum, con el titulo La Methode des Fluxions et des Suites Infinies.