fly bridge

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: bridge - the highest navigational bridge on a shipfly bridge - the highest navigational bridge on a ship; a small (often open) deck above the pilot house
bridge deck, bridge - an upper deck where a ship is steered and the captain stands
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Other times from the fly bridge you can watch a school of sailfish, dolphin or a great hammerhead shark track down the baitfish from hundreds of feet away.
Avara's yacht features two cabins and a family room in the lower deck; a living room, a kitchen and dining area, and a plunge pool in the main deck; and an open dining space and a sun deck in the fly bridge.
Emirates Riviera Company unveiled the yacht (RCAT50) in the 'Fly Bridge' version, the Boat (Rcat38) and the Riviera enclosed Abra, in addition to showcasing its luxurious yacht, Integrity 55.
In addition, expert use of carbon in the superstructure made it possible to achieve an elegant design of the part of the fly bridge that extends toward the bow without the need for supporting props in the cockpit.
On board and on the fly bridge the Amelia offers an all-round view allowing visitors to admire the surroundings, the waterside and wildlife.
The beaches and scenery are gorgeous and I have a 50ft Princess yacht with a fly bridge that I love taking down the coast to explore.
Hamad Town's gets new gateway, fly bridge at cost of BD 7.4 million.