fly off

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w>fly off

(plane, person)abfliegen, wegfliegen; (bird)wegfliegen, fortfliegen; to fly off to the southnach Süden fliegen; a search plane flew off to look for themein Suchflugzeug flog los, um nach ihnen Ausschau zu halten; as the plane flew off into the sunsetwährend das Flugzeug der untergehenden Sonne entgegenflog
(= come off, hat, lid etc) → wegfliegen; (button)abspringen
References in classic literature ?
It looks very funny, but it is so perfectly balanced a gait that you can fly off from it at any angle you please, and in dealing with snakes this is an advantage.
Darzee, if you have a grain of sense you will fly off to the stables and pretend that your wing is broken, and let Nagaina chase you away to this bush.
Why should he pay her such attentions as to make her quarrel with my brother, and then fly off himself?
With another he tapped Eric on the head; and, with a third broad swing, ere the other could recover himself, he swept him clear off the stage, much as you would brush a fly off the window pane.
I put up with it as long as I could and then joined in and tried to improve it, but this encouraged young George to join in too, and that made a failure of it; because George's voice was just "turning," and when he was singing a dismal sort of bass it was apt to fly off the handle and startle everybody with a most discordant cackle on the upper notes.
Marse Tom, if you would only be a little patient, and not fly off the handle at the least little thing.
From this spirit it happens, that in every political association which is formed upon the principle of uniting in a common interest a number of lesser sovereignties, there will be found a kind of eccentric tendency in the subordinate or inferior orbs, by the operation of which there will be a perpetual effort in each to fly off from the common centre.
First signing them to hide, Peter cut Wendy's bonds, and then nothing could have been easier than for them all to fly off together; but one thing barred the way, an oath, "Hook or me this time.
Well, it don't signify talking; but when a young man, be who he will, comes and makes love to a pretty girl, and promises marriage, he has no business to fly off from his word only because he grows poor, and a richer girl is ready to have him.
O stockbrokers--bankrupts--used to it, you know," Rawdon replied, cutting a fly off the horse's ear.
Here I am, on purpose to bid you, and you fly off to Yarmouth
In this manner I had to press forcibly upon the lid to keep it down while I secured it with nails; and I anticipated, of course, that as soon as these latter were removed, the top would fly off and the body up.