fly off

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w>fly off

(plane, person)abfliegen, wegfliegen; (bird)wegfliegen, fortfliegen; to fly off to the southnach Süden fliegen; a search plane flew off to look for themein Suchflugzeug flog los, um nach ihnen Ausschau zu halten; as the plane flew off into the sunsetwährend das Flugzeug der untergehenden Sonne entgegenflog
(= come off, hat, lid etc) → wegfliegen; (button)abspringen
References in classic literature ?
It looks very funny, but it is so perfectly balanced a gait that you can fly off from it at any angle you please, and in dealing with snakes this is an advantage.
Darzee, if you have a grain of sense you will fly off to the stables and pretend that your wing is broken, and let Nagaina chase you away to this bush.
Why should he pay her such attentions as to make her quarrel with my brother, and then fly off himself?
This is all very well, but when he tries to kick a fly off the top of his head with his hind foot, it is too much variety.
FIA said that all three Afghan females who wanted to fly off London through bogus documents hailed from same family.
Here's something that's true, When bologna fills you, Be sure not to fly off the handle.
PLANS to have fighter jets fly off the deck of Britain's new supercarrier at the ship's naming ceremony have been ditched - because of an engine scare.
Those afflicted leave piles of snow and ice on their vehicles, so they can fly off into someone's windshield, possibly causing injury, or even death from a resulting accident.
Unsecured doors or panels can fly off their hinges in flight, damaging the aircraft or worse.
Summary: Thirty five teams attempted to fly off the flight deck with their homemade, human-powered flying machines in California.
To ensure your flag doesn't fly off, sew a few stitches as close as you can to the rod or an elastic band wrapped at the bottom or top of the flag.
1 : to strike at an angle and fly off to one side <The ball glanced off a tree.