fly poison

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: poison - all parts of plant are highly toxic; bulb pounded and used as a fly poison; sometimes placed in subfamily Melanthiaceae
liliaceous plant - plant growing from a bulb or corm or rhizome or tuber
Amianthum, genus Amianthum - one species: fly poison; sometimes placed in family Melanthiaceae
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This intriguing annual from Peru is reputed to repel whitefly in the garden, and was at one time used in the production of fly poison. The poisonous properties of Nicandra physalodes are similar to those found in several other members of the potato family, such as the nicotine contained in tobacco plants, which works as a powerful insecticide.
One by one, men are struck down as they unwillingly drink bottles of fly poison in their sleazy advances.