fly swatter

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fly swatter

An implement used to kill flies or other insects, usually consisting of a piece of plastic or wire mesh attached to a long handle.

fly′ swat`ter

or fly′swat`ter,

a device for killing insects, usu. a square sheet of wire or plastic mesh attached to a long handle.
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Tough, flexible fans from India made of long narrow slivers of ivory doubled as fly swats.
whose shots are fly swats and you've whiffed--or you're Rohan
And elsewhere, fly swats with holes are recommended - they don't move so much air and so give you a better chance of hitting the fly.
Mark Twain wrote that, I've heard--probably in between fly swats somewhere on the Mississippi, sometime in July.
I love the irony of this latest outbreak of saddle rage as two five foot nothing, six and a half stones when they're dripping wet jocks go at it - not so much handbags as fly swats.