fly swatter

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fly swatter

An implement used to kill flies or other insects, usually consisting of a piece of plastic or wire mesh attached to a long handle.
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fly′ swat`ter

or fly′swat`ter,

a device for killing insects, usu. a square sheet of wire or plastic mesh attached to a long handle.
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Unlike the traditional fly swatter for which you need the speed and stealth of a ninja, you only need to swing the electric mosquito swatter back and forth until you hear that zapping sound of victory.
One then requested that Kate smacks him on the buttocks - at first she declined, but then she grabbed the fly swatter and hit him gently.
What makes a fly swatter work is not its shape or its strength, but the holes in it.
The four performances at the Cite Francophone were directed by Donna Fletcher and Opera NUOVA repetiteur alumna, Kinza Tyrrell, led a trio of clarinet, cello and piano, keeping time with a fly swatter. That gives you a feel for where 'opera' and this silly but entertaining version of opera met.
Oh Lord, someone bring me a fly swatter. Hell yes he is involved.
One pretended to be the fly while the other student chased her with a giant fly swatter! In another performance, a student choreographed a ball-bouncing routine that four other students did on stage while the musician played the The Dizzy Dazzling Juggling Act, by Catherine Rollin (see Video 2).
He liked inventions, large and small, and ordered mail-order products that captured his imagination, like an electric fly swatter or a pillow made of magnets.
First, arguably, a tool is a fly swatter because someone intended it to be a fly swatter.
Thumb Bugs are Imaginary little creatures that won t have your mother getting out her fly swatter or her shoe to get rid of them.
To counteract a fly's reaction speed, the attempt should be made in the morning when the cool air makes it more sluggish than usual and a fly swatter should be used instead of a traditional rolled up newspaper, to reduce the change in air pressure.