fly swatter

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fly swatter

An implement used to kill flies or other insects, usually consisting of a piece of plastic or wire mesh attached to a long handle.

fly′ swat`ter

or fly′swat`ter,

a device for killing insects, usu. a square sheet of wire or plastic mesh attached to a long handle.
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hurdling DAY 42 After cleaning the more than lived in Recovery Van, catching up with the washing and buying more fly swatters, myself, Carlton and Ian waited patiently for Mark to return after picking up Donna.
The Chinese restaurant has been temporarily closed four times for health code violations, including raw meat stored at room temperature, rodent feces in the food storage shed, raw meat stored on top of cooked food in a walk-in cooler, egg rolls stored in cardboard boxes that had held raw chicken, and flying insects and fly swatters in the food preparation areas.
dirty sock fly swatters, and in the shadows and dark places of our room
5 million) but irreplaceable, the looters made off with masks, sabers, crowns and gold-handled fly swatters -objects described by the museum as "authentic, unique and rare".
Toilet roll, fly swatters,false teeth,the Heimlich manoeuvre - the list is endless.
They could have made money out of the invasion by selling those wonderful electric fly swatters that make such a satisfying crack when you get a fly.
Introduce him to vehicles, vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers, fly swatters, kites, noisy pans, rolling barrels, shopping carts, crowds, traffic, construction zones and fireworks.
The same company also has the great Tennis Fly Swatters.
a monopolistic manufacturer of fly swatters, has floundered under the leadership of frog playboy Rodolfo, and Max's arrival coincides with that of a team dispatched by the bottom-line parent company to streamline production.
Usually, she took her coffee on the fly, stopping long enough to share a few comments about the book she was writing or the ingenious way she had incorporated fly swatters into her classroom discussions.
Anything that looks cool in the home has the potential for sales growth this year even brooms and fly swatters.
They provided the materials for food, clothing, glue, rope, drums, shields, baby rattles, fly swatters, and other items.